Terrifier 3: sequel should be even wilder, says director

Imagem de: Terrifier 3: sequência deve ser ainda mais selvagem, diz diretor

Sometimes, cinema surprises and brings some unlikely titles to the spotlight. the franchise Terrifier (Terrifying)for example, fits into this scenario, since the first horror films had very timid releases, however, everything changed with the release of terrifier 2which saw the return of the bloodthirsty villain Art, The Clown.

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Launched in October this year, terrifier 2 was written and directed by Damien Leone, who also directed the first feature, in 2016. The plot of the sequel, very similar to the original, revolves around Art, The Clown, a very violent murderer who kills without restraint during Halloween.

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The film was so successful that, by all indications, the franchise will continue with a terrifier 3, a topic that has even won some comments from Leone on Twitter. He revealed: “I will say this…Terrifier 3 will pick up right where part 2 left off and it’s wild as fuck”.

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If everything is confirmed, terrifier 3, most likely, will have Art on a new hunt. But we’ll have to wait to find out who the clown’s new targets will be.

About Terrifier 2

With a low budget, compared to other well-known horror films, of only US$ 250,000, terrifier 2 has already grossed around US$ 5 million around the world.

The film so impressed viewers, in fact, that many reports of fainting and vomiting during screenings began to circulate online. This is due to the ultra-violent scenes of the franchise, which has always bet on gore as one of its primary elements.

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Interestingly, the companies Cinedigm and SCREAMBOX will also release the work on VHS so that the tapes become collectible items among fans. The boxes will have custom artwork and come in three different versions. To better serve the VHS format, the film will be specially treated and edited in 4:3, all to create a nostalgic experience for horror lovers.

In streaming, the first movie of terrifier can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

In Brazil, the film will make its official theatrical debut through the company A2. However, there is still no set date.