Terrifier 2: Director Says Spectator Sickness Is ‘Surreal’

In an interview given to Entertainment Weeklydirector Damien Leone stated that the unease reactions reported by viewers of terrifier 2 they are surreal. The horror feature film slasherrecently released in North American cinemas and responsible for provoking adverse reactions in the public, bets on an ultra-realistic graphic violence and seems to have taken the public by surprise.


The repercussion of the film occurred immediately on the same day of its premiere, on the 6th of this month. During the screenings, fans rushed out of movie theaters, reporting cases of dizziness, nausea and vomiting in response to the immersive techniques of the feature film’s practical effects. A more extreme case revealed that people ended up in nearby hospitals shortly after passing out while watching the work.

Damien Leone denies having this intention when launching terrifier 2 on the big screen, but he seems to have hit his proposal of “gratuitous violence”. Since the first film, released in 2016, Art, the killer clown, uses the most brutal methods to execute his victims, showing a true sadistic and unmethodical showcase to complete the goals of his sick mind. The project quickly gained a cult following among fans of the genre.


“Look, I would love to have some exits, I think it’s kind of a badge of honor because it’s an intense movie. I don’t want people to faint or end up hurting themselves during the movie. But it’s surreal”, comments Leone, when asked about it. the surprising reactions.


Curiously, terrifier 2 grossed over $2 million at the domestic box office and sustains a 90% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes (against 89% from critics). Have you had the opportunity to watch the movie? How do you like the comments on the web? Share your answer with us!

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