Terrifier 2: Controversial Horror Film Submitted for Oscars

the controversial box office success terrifier 2 will be submitted for consideration for the 2023 Oscars. The violent sequel to the first film, directed by Damien Leone — which made many people feel sick in front of the big screen — wowed experts by managing to raise almost 8 million dollars at the box office.


Bloody Disgusting, distributor of the horror feature film, didn’t stop at submission, but also produced a trailer full of humor, highlighting why it deserves a nomination for the statuette. Check it out below:


Although he does not see the possibility of being nominated, the company responsible for terrifier 2 said that “it was a very hilarious opportunity to pass up”. In addition, Bloody Disguting also asked fans to take to social media to campaign for the horror film is considered by the Academy to compete in the categories of Best Makeup and Hairstyles.

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Will the game be red carpet worthy? We don `t know yet. The only certainty we have is that a third film could be produced in the future, given the great unexpected success.


With screenplay and direction by Damien Leone, the film stars Felissa Rose, David Howard Thornton, Lauren LaVera, Elliott Fullam and Chris Jericho in the cast. The title is not scheduled to debut in Brazil.

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