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Telegram group video call will launch in May to take on Zoom

Telegram seems to be preparing to roll out a new feature to implement group video call on its messaging platform after WhatsApp, and it plans to fully implement it next month, which will update its Smart Device Application Program and the full version. Support your web application.

This was strangely announced by Telegram founder Pavel Durov in a text message posted on his official Telegram channel: “We will add a video dimension to voice chat in May to make Telegram a powerful platform in group video calling”.



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In detail, Telegram group video will have additional features like screen sharing, encryption systems, improvements in noise cancellation, and generally all the features you can expect from modern video calling applications.

As we said, Telegram generally laughs at competitors for delaying the process of adding new features. However, even if the arrival time Telegram group video call is later than that of your competitors, there is no lack of hidden references. And there seems to be an explanation for the separate video call that came before the group video call in August, particularly emphasizing the importance of group video calling security.

In fact, Durov in his post repeated the word “encryption” many times, unfortunately, it did not specify whether to use end-to-end encryption, and it does not seem to show its own quality but is intended to be used as another function. A small “attack” on the rest of the current video calling service is characterized by a major incident that occurred in the first months of Zoom’s success.



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So it should be noted that a single video call started by Telegram last year was implemented using its own end-to-end encryption. Hopefully, this method can probably be copied into a group video call in Telegram. However, the MTProto encryption used by Telegram is custom designed and encryption experts have been arguing about the robustness of this method. Therefore, even if group calls are encrypted using e2e, the way Telegram works will be carefully reviewed.



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In other words, we have no choice but to wait until next month to find out the real features of these group video calls.

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