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Telegram prepares QR code, reporting tools, widgets in the latest beta version 7.5.

With WhatsApp’s privacy policy blunder, a telegram was the most benefited application and it inducted millions of new users within days. Now Telegram prepares QR code in the latest version of the telegram, telegram beta version 7.5.

Telegram is making itself capable of competing with WhatsApp by these updates of the introduction of QR scan to join groups and channels. Now inviting someone to join or joining yourself has become much easier. Simply scan and enjoy. Telegram already has given the luxury of joining any group or chat by links. Arguably they are best if you want to join real quick. Telegram prepares QR code will allow the moderator to control the number of people joining the chat by scanning the code. The moderator can even place an expiry date of the code in order to have a bossing control over the joining duration. Basically, it’s a PRINTED GRAPHIC ELEMENT. It allows you to join by scanning a document or even a screenshot having the code.

Currently, this update is only introduced in the android and beta versions 7.5.

Telegram beta version 7.5:

The second telegram has introduced a new security policy for world chats and groups. It is to enable the moderator to have a real command over the content being shared in the group. Now you can simply report the sexual activities, sexual violence, abuse, child pornography, and all type of SPAM to the host or moderator and as a result, the host can take action before the content gets viral.

Finally, the third update in the latest beta version 7.5 is the introduction of new gadgets. It will allow you to control and see Telegrams chats without opening the Telegram. One can simply read messages in the notification bar. You can also set up a floating dock notification for an important chat that you don’t want to miss. Having the command over the accessibility to chats without wasting time is the ultimate goal of these introductory widgets.

With these updates, now we can say WhatsApp has competition in the market. As always, these changes will be implemented in the telegram in the coming weeks once those, who are checking the betas will permit clearance orders.

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