Telegram Premium: the app’s paid plan is launched with exclusive features

Update (06/20/2022) by LL

Telegram Premium was made official a few days ago by the app’s founder, Pavel Durov. Last Sunday (19), the new messenger subscription plan reached users with a lot of exclusive features, such as faster downloads, more channels and extra stickers.

In all, the paid plan offers about 15 new features that are restricted to subscribers. The free version of the application also received 7 new features that will be available to all users, in addition to “over 100 fixes and optimizations”. Telegram took the occasion of the launch to announce that it “now has more than 700 million monthly active users”.

Featured premium features include doubling the file upload capacity from 2GB (free version) to 4GB, removing ads, transcribing audio messages to text, and using animated profile pictures. See all the exclusive features:

  • 4 GB uploads
  • faster downloads
  • Track up to 1,000 channels
  • Create up to 20 chat folders with up to 200 chats each
  • Add a fourth account to the app
  • Pin 10 chats to the main list
  • Save up to 10 favorite stickers
  • Transcription of audio messages to text
  • Unique stickers that will be updated monthly
  • 10 new emojis to use in message reactions
  • Change the default folder when launching the app
  • Use animated profile pictures
  • Premium badges: indicate the use of Telegram Premium
  • Three special icons to use in apps
  • Ads removal

Features offered by Telegram Premium. Image: Publicity/Telegram

The company also claims that users of the premium version will be able to utilize features before the general release, but that will keep constantly updating the free version. Between the new functions available to everyone as of today are:

  • Participation requests for public groups
  • Verification stamps in chats
  • Bots can now include photo or video in the “about” area
  • Improvements to chat previews on Android
  • Autosave to gallery on Android
  • Ability to send files up to 2GB or 4GB on iOS from other apps
  • Animated profile picture creation on macOS
  • 100+ general fixes and optimizations

Image: Reproduction

For R$24.90 per month, Telegram Premium is described as a “subscription that allows you to exclusively support the ongoing development” of the messaging platform.

Subscribing to Telegram Premium can be done directly through the Settings section within the app. There is a new button for the service where users can check its main features and subscribe, which is processed by the app store of the corresponding operating system — App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

The new Telegram update is being rolled out gradually, so if you still haven’t been able to install it, just wait. “The new version will be available soon,” according to the platform.

Are you going to purchase Telegram Premium? What do you think of the features offered by the subscription? Tell your opinion about the news in the comments!

Original text (10/06/2022)

Telegram Premium is made official as a paid plan to get more features

In a post on his official channel, Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced the creation of Telegram Premium, the new messenger subscription plan for those who want extra features.

According to the statement, the experience of the paid version will go beyond the current free version, but it will not generate any loss of functionality in the free version, in relation to those who are not paying.

Another important point is that users who do not subscribe to the Premium version will be able to benefit from payer features, such as when they send “extra large” documents, certain media and stickers, in addition to adding more advanced reactions if they have already been pinned to a message. .

According to Durov, the change is a response to user demand for additional bandwidth or storage, without ending the messenger’s ability to provide a free service to other users.

“After some thought, we realized that the only way to let our discerning fans get more while keeping our existing resources free is to make these high caps a paid option.”

Pavel Durov

Founder of Telegram

price and availability

The app’s founder did not provide further details on the availability or price of the Telegram Premium subscription. However, previous analysis of a beta app found it to be $4.99 per month. It remains to be seen what the regional costs for the service will be, as in Brazil.

What are your expectations for Telegram Premium? Share with us your opinion!