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Telegram: how to delete photos, videos and files to free up space

Although, unlike alternatives like WhatsApp, in the case of Telegram data storage is mostly in the cloud, so a mobile device It is usually less affected in this part. Even so, a lot of information is downloaded and stored in the terminal as it is used and, before the user knows it, much of your storage space is already being used.

Next TechMarkup brings some very useful tips that will be of great help if you want to clean Telegram and free up storage space on the cell phone:

Configure Telegram storage usage

It has already been mentioned that Telegram puts storage in the cloud, which can be very useful to free up space on a smartphone. The point is that it also has its negative side. Presumably the app’s cache has been cleared to free up space; then when when you want to search old content in a chat, it will start downloading all media content again.

Fortunately, Telegram has some great features in this regard. The first is how long you want the application to keep the media files on the device before automatically deleting them.

If the user goes to the Settings > Data and storage > Storage usageyou will find a section called Preserve media and different options ranging from 3 days, 1 week, 1 month and unlimited.

At this point, just set how long you want to keep the media files on your device and you’re good to go. However, keep in mind that the option “unlimited” will make the app understand that you never want anything to be deleted.

For the second option, you can choose different options to download the media on your own, with mobile data, WiFi or data roaming. If you want to go further, you can disable these options so that the upload of media files in the chat, new or old, be done manually, where you can select the content you want to upload and what you don’t.

This is very useful, especially since limits the number of media files that are downloaded to the mobile phonely you can prevent memory from filling up, especially if you have a lot of chats.

Delete chats that are not necessary from Telegram

An excellent starting point to clean up Telegram and free up storage space on your mobile phone is Correctly delete all chats that are not needed.

To do this, you simply have to select all the chats you want to delete, then swipe to the trash can icon displayed at the bottom, then select Empty chats. This will erase all data, images, audios and more from the device, freeing up storage space on the phone.

Clear Telegram cache

The last option to clean up Telegram and free up space on mobile devices is probably one of the easiest. This will clear the app cache and, in this case, chats, data or media files will not be deleted, only the copy stored on the mobile device will be deleted.

This option can also be found in Settings > Storage data > Storage usagethere you will find a section called Clear Telegram cache. There, the information that this section occupies in the mobile’s memory will simply be displayed.

Only need select everything you want to delete and then delete it from the mobile phone, which it will free up unnecessary storage space on your device.


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