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Telegram group video call, animated background and screen sharing update released

With the Telegram group video call feature, the WhatsApp rival Telegram is rapidly emerging as the most functional app in modern society. From now on, you can also share the screen in a group video call in Telegram. The feature has been added to Telegram mobile, tablet, and desktop apps.

How to Start group video call in Telegram?

To start a group video call in Telegram, the user must be in the group for the call. The only person is the admin of the group who can start the group video chat. Admin can start the video call in the android app by clicking on three vertical menu buttons in the group profile.

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For the Telegram iOS app, the group admin can easily start the video call by pressing the “Video Call” icon from the group profile.

Telegram group video call limit

The video call in Telegram is limited to just 30 members of the group. In an active audio call session, you can simply tap on the “Share my Video” option to join the video call. While the audio call has no participant limit.

According to Telegram, the participant’s limit will be increased in the near future. More people will be able to do a group video chat in Telegram.

Tablet and PC support

Tablets and PC offer more display options because they have wide space. On a single tap, the user can split the screen and see a sidebar showing the participants in a video call. Besides group video calls, users will also have an optional screen sharing feature in Telegram for streaming specific areas of the screen rather than the entire screen of a specific user. When you share the screen of a specific user in a desktop app, it will automatically get pinned.

Telegram android, iOS, Windows, and macOS users can have these new features from now on. But if you still don’t get these features, make sure you have an updated Telegram app.


Article Source: Slashgear



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