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Telegram channels: what they are, what can be done with them and how to create them

the channels of Telegram have become very popular today, as they are a type of communication of the messaging app with which you can broadcast public messages to large audiencesor private messages to limited audiences.


But not everyone knows how they work in depth. Therefore, TechMarkup brings an article with a guide with all the information you need to know to master the canals that can be created in Telegram.

What are Telegram Channels


These famous Channels of the messaging app are a mix of user group and profile in one social network. The point is that one person creates the channel and the rest of the users join, but only this person will be able to write messagesdeciding if you want to allow users to reply or not.

In the case of allowing them to interact, they can write responses in each of the publications or make reactions, something similar to if they responded in the publications that are written in a blog or a social network.


In these channels you can publish all kinds of content, from conventional text messages to photos, videos, links or files. If the channel is public, any user can find it in the Telegram search engine and join it to see the content that is published; and it is privateonly those who receive an invitation link will be able to access.

This is how you can search for a Telegram Channel

To find public channels created by other users, You have to open the internal Telegram search engine:


– The search engine appears with the magnifying glass icon Androidup to the right.

– Or in the search bar that appears on iOS when it slides down a bit.

– In the desktop app, you have to go to the field Seek which is at the top left.

In the search engine you have to write the term with which you want to search for a channel, and once this is done, several different results will appear. Now, among the results it is important to identify those that are channels, something that depends on operating system:

– In Android and iOS they can be distinguished because in the search results The number of subscribers appears.

– And, in the desktop app, the megaphone icon.

Once you have located a channel that is of interest, you have to click on it. Now you can see a preview of its content. Here, click on the ‘Join’ button to be a channel subscriber and be able to see it from now on in the chat list, as if it were another conversation.

Functions that can be performed in Telegram Channels

– Make searches within the content of a channel

Whether it is a channel created by oneself or someone else’s, in both cases you have the search function to be able to find content within it. You just have to open the channel options, and click on the Seek It will appear with a magnifying glass icon.

Now, at the top of the whole you can type the term or phrase you want to search forand it will go directly to the first match.

– Maybe it can be written inside the channel, as it may not

There is one thing that you must be clear about when you enter a Telegram channel, and that is that the creator has control over the interactions that can be carried out.

The administrators of a channel they will be able to decide if comments can be left or not, so you can only comment on the publications of the channels that allow them.

– Send reactions to posts

What can be done in all channels is send reactions to the publications that are made.

These reactions are emojis that are printed on the publication with a counter that shows how many people have reacted with each one, and this allows you to visualize the general feeling that this publication causes.

Steps to create a Telegram channel

1. Enter the screen Create a new message.

2. On this screen, click on the option new channel, which will appear at the top as a separate option.

3. Click on the button create channel which is at the bottom.

4. This will take the user to the New Channel screen where they can start configuring the channel. On this screen, you have to write the name and a description for the channel you are creating. In addition, you can also add an image to serve as the profile picture of the channel when the rest of the people join it.

5. Now you will go to another important screen where you have to adjust two things:

– First you have to decide if you want the channel to be public either private. This depends on whether you want anyone to be able to find you in the Telegram search engine and join, or if you want only those who receive an invitation to join. If it is chosen to be public, it will be necessary to configure your link; namely, the URL you want it to have.

– And if you want it to be a channel private, you can simply see the invitation link, being able to copy it or share it directly through Telegram. In addition, you will also have the option to generate a QR code with the link.

6. Finally, you can start adding the first subscribers from the saved contacts. You will see the list of contacts and a search engine, and you can start adding whomever you decide.

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