Telegram adds “infinite reactions” in messages

Telegram adds "infinite reactions" in messages
Telegram announced that users of the premium version of the application will be able to expand their emoji options to react to messages. (Business InsiderMexico)

A new update of the instant messaging platform, Telegramhas been announced for users of the premium version of the application and that offers them the possibility of expanding their emoji options to react to messages.

The new feature of the application is called “Infinite Reactions” and consists of giving users the possibility of extending the reaction bar beyond the emoji already established and to which the rest of the people who use the regular service of the app have access when pressing the text of a message.

In addition, as indicated in the statement announcing the arrival of this option on user devices, the possibility of reacting even with three emoji instead of one as users of the regular version of the app are allowed. This in order to “facilitate the choice between thousands and thousands of emojis”.

Infinite reactions on Telegram (Capture)
Infinite reactions on Telegram (Capture)

In order to access this function, it will only be necessary to click on any message of an individual or group conversation and, once the emoji bar appears to react, slide the options to the right. You will see a down arrow that will allow you to enter a slide out menu in which you can find a wide variety of emojis to react.

In the case of chat groups, the administrators will be in charge of configuring the conversation so that the emojis of reaction or not.

States with emojis in Telegram

Another of the options that were added to the new update of the messaging application is to establish states within the application to communicate what activity the users are carrying out. Unlike other platforms, such as WhatsApp, these can have an expiration time and will appear as part of the contact’s name.

States with emojis in Telegram (Capture)
States with emojis in Telegram (Capture)

The web page of the application indicates that the emoji that is selected as status in Telegram will replace the badge that identifies the user as a premium user, since this function will only be available to this select group of people. The badge can be seen next to the name in group chats, contact lists and on the person’s profile.

Like the reactions, these emojis will also be “infinite” so that users can communicate that they are doing a wide variety of activities.

In order to access this function, if you are a premium user, you must touch the badge of Telegram Premium that is above the list of chats or, in any case, go to the Settings section to change the status. To put a state for a specific time, it will only be necessary to hold down the emoji that better represents the activity that will be carried out during a moment.

States with emojis in Telegram (Capture)
States with emojis in Telegram (Capture)

Also, as an added feature, anyone who has subscribed to Telegram’s premium service can use Telegram’s open platform. emoji of the app to upload custom packs with art styles and characters unique to this group of people.

To purchase the premium version of Telegramusers can enter their profile within the application, search for the “Telegram Premium” option and make the payment requested by the application. platform.

Benefits of this version of the app include: duplicate limits (on channels, folders, pinned chats, etc), file uploads up to 4GB, more download speed of files, option of conversion of speech to text, without announcements in public channels and animated emojis.