Teacher of ‘La Academia’, who is the original voice of Timón in the Lion King, sang “Hakuna matata” with the finalists

The students sang with the teacher (Photos: The Academy / The Lion King)

One of the most important children’s films for many generations is without a doubt The Lion King just a few days before it ends The Academy: 20 years, the finalists were surprised when one of their teachers revealed that he was the one who dubbed the voice (during the songs) of the tender meerkat Rudder in the Disney classic.

It’s about the teacher Raul Carballeda, which has extensive experience in the music and dubbing industry, as it has given voice to animated characters such as prince edward of Nice to meet you; ling in Mulan; the mouse jack in Cinderellaamong many others.

It was so, during one of the last meetings he had with the five finalists of this generation of The academy, the teacher decided to surprise the youngsters by singing Hakuna Matata, one of the most emblematic songs The Lion King.

In the video that quickly went viral on social networks, Carballeda can be seen in front of Cesia, Nelson, Andresse, Mar and Rubí. And after starting with the first verses of the song that say: “Hakuna Matata, a way of being…”, the academics burst into shouts of excitement.

Thus, in chorus with the teacher, one by one of the participants of the singing contest in Aztec TV They joined the moment and, in this way, recalled their childhood.


hakuna matata a way of being 🫶🏻@𝖼𝗅𝗂𝗉𝗌𝗅𝖺𝖺𝖼𝖺𝖽𝖾𝗆𝗂𝖺 #andres #cesia #mar #nelson #rubi #raulcarballeda #singing #hakunamatata #pumba #timon #pumba #pumbafyvteca #laaztecademiacacademia

♬ Hakuna Matata – The Lion King

Reactions from users TikTok They did not wait and were also happy for the interpretation of Raúl Carballeda.

“Definitely the best of this generation.” “The vibe transmitted by the teacher”. “Reasons why I would like to be in The academy”. “What a beautiful moment”, were some of the mentions.

However, not everything was good, since Internet users noticed that some of the finalists did not know the lyrics of the song and they noted it in the comment box.

“These young people don’t even know it, it’s a classic.” “None of them had been born when that movie was born. “How come they don’t know?” “Sin that they do not know it,” they wrote.

Remember that this generation of The academy It has become endearing to some of the viewers, since the contestants have shown, during the 24/7 broadcast, their charismatic personalities and witticisms.

Such is the case of Andrés, who in the last week of “confinement” began to make covers of all kinds and surprised the fans after interpreting Ripped jeansa melody of Sponge Bob.

While the artist sang, Nelson Y Ruby They did not hesitate to come to dance and applaud, even the other academics arriving to also take advantage of a few moments in front of the camera that Andrés had already obtained.

Another moment was when Andresse sang a cover of what makes you beautiful of the boy band One Direction or the moment in which the Sonoran confessed fan of High School Musical and performed one of the film’s choreographies.

the grand finale of The Academy: 20 years will happen next sunday august 14 Through all the signs Aztec TV in Mexico, Guatemala and the United States.


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