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Taylor Swift shocked Twitter with the new album Midnights and her life stories

Taylor Swift’s Twitter account (Screenshot)

One of the official accounts of Twitter (@TwitterComms) posted a series of tweets titled “The Swift Report” in which data related to the singer is collected Taylor Swift and his fans within the platform just a few hours before the release of his album “Midnights” this October 21, 2022.


According to statistics compiled by the social network, Taylor Swift has been mentioned in more than 329 million tweets, which implies a daily average of 75,114 publications within the platform for 4,380 days from 2010 to the present.

Also, during the album release “Red (Taylor’s Version)In November 2021, mentions of the American singer surpassed global trends for soccer and basketball combined. This reinforces the idea that the artist’s fans are a massive force within Twitter.

Twitter released statistics on Taylor Swift
Twitter released statistics on Taylor Swift’s influence on the platform in the “Swift Report.” (twitter)

Speaking about his fans, the word “swiftie” either “swifties” was mentioned in this social network a total of 18 million times over 12 years and that, in addition, these publications were accompanied by the emoji of a red scarf. This visual element increased its use by 25 times the day the song All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) was released.

Regarding the Taylor Swift songs that were mentioned the most, Twitter indicates that All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) was the most referenced topic on the social network along with others such as Love Story (Taylor’s Version) Y Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version).

What’s new from Taylor Swift on Twitter


In the case of the new album Taylor Swiftentitled MidnightsTwitter detected that in the first 3 days in which the launch announcement was made, approximately 1.6 million tweets in which the alarm and crying face emojis were used most frequently.

Swift fans also had the opportunity to talk about the new songs that will be featured on the singer’s new album, so once the titles of each were revealed, the expectation focused on songs like Snow on the Beach (feat. Lana del Rey)in addition to Lavender Haze and Karma to close the top 3 songs on the album.

The song by Taylor Swift and Lana del Rey is the most anticipated by fans of the singers, according to statistics revealed by Twitter. EFE/ Domenech Castell/File
The song by Taylor Swift and Lana del Rey is the most anticipated by fans of the singers, according to statistics revealed by Twitter. EFE/ Domenech Castell/File

Specifically the song along with King’s wool was the one that grabbed the attention of the swifties on Twitter, who generated an increase in the mentions of the guest artist in nine times compared to previous days.

According to Taylor Swifthis followers will be able to listen tonight a small part of his new album a few hours before it is officially released on October 21.

music community on twitter

Usually, Twitter indicates that users of this social network are more likely to follow a music artist’s account than any other type. In addition, there are a total of 441 million followers unique to these profiles.

Additionally, the releases of new albums by the musical artists they generate are seen on the social network as great events in which the communities of followers of the singer meets to experience together the emotion of the ad.

Finally, the social network indicates that the day on which users are more likely to post contents related to the music on the platform are Fridaywhich is when albums are usually released and the conversation around them is even greater.


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