“Take it out, carnal”: Santa Fe Klan was enraged and kicked the fan after receiving a bottle in the middle of the show


Santa Fe Klan furious after receiving a bottle in full concert

Throwing objects at musicians and singers while they are giving a concert can be a way of showing them admiration, because many times They are usually flowers or some special gift. Such is the case that has become notable in recent weeks: throwing a stuffed toy of Doctor Simi to figures such as Regina Orozco and Rosalía at their concerts in Mexico it has become a trending practice.

However, not everything is a compliment to the artist, as there are also people in the audience who seek to attract the attention of celebrities or even intimidate them in an aggressive way. Such is the case of Santa Fe Klanwho received a bottle during his most recent concert.


The rapper offered a Show in Texas, United States, where one of the attendees he threw a bottle of tequila at himand although the bottle did not “hit” the Guanajuatense, the fact made him furious to the point of sending out his aggressor.


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The 22-year-old singer asked the security guards to remove the person who threw the bottle from the place and even, as can be seen in the videos circulating on social networks, the interpreter even kicks the person who attacked himbeing arrested by his staff.


As his staff tries to reassure him, the singer is heard saying songs like I must understand, that’s how I am Y I will find youvisibly angry: “Get it out, carnal, or can’t you? To help them”while the public supports him with shouts and cheers.

After the incident, the rapper shared a story on Instagram in which he apologized and thanked his fans for their support, also reporting that will upload full videos where you can see what happened with the assistant who threw the bottle at him.

The rapper recently became a father for the first time alongside his partner, Maya Nazor (Photo: Instagram)

“It was good perrón, we had a great time, there an apology for the chaos. But right now I’m going to upload the full videos so you can see what happened. I do not disrespect my fans, I love them very much”, declared the successful rapper.


Recently the famous also experienced a distressing moment during one of his concerts. The event took place on July 24 at the Rosarito Fair in Tijuana, Baja California.

The artist – who recently became the father of little Luka – decided to throw himself into the audience while singing taking care of the territorybecause he warned the attendees “But they’re going to catch me, huh?”; In one of the various videos released, it could be seen that the artist approached the edge of the stage several times before finally throwing himself.

During one of their concerts, the Santa Fe Klan threw themselves into the crowd

For some reason, members of your team they didn’t let him jump off the stage and they stopped him embracing him; it is likely that they were trying to avoid it by protection of your integrity or because the distance was too great for it to reach the hands of the attendees.

Although he pretended that he was going to continue singing, the native of Guanajuato finally managed to avoid the dancers and singers who were on stage, he launched himself unsuccessfully, as his companions continued to pull him towards the platform and fell into a space where there weren’t many fans.

The artist successfully performed in Texas, United States (Photo: Instagram/@santa_fe_klan_473)
The artist successfully performed in Texas, United States (Photo: Instagram/@santa_fe_klan_473)

After the incident, the base of the song continued to play while all the attendees screamed in dismay and ran to try to pick up the singer. After a cut in the video of @soyviannethit was possible to see Angel Jair Quezada Jasso already replaced in another area of ​​the stage.

From there, he claimed his team for having held him before the jump: “They went too far, dogs, why the hell are they grabbing me, if I had already told them I was going to throw myself?”he said into the microphone. The original intention of the Santa Fe Klan was for his fans to carry him, but this was not achieved due to the intervention of his dancers.

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