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This function for iPhone or Android prevents the cell phone from being active when there are accidental touches

The “pocket mode” prevents the screen’s sensitivity from detecting accidental touches and therefore not being valid for the system. Photo:…

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Roberto Musso, from El Cuarteto de Nos: “We’re a weird rock band and we love it”The Uruguayans present Lamina Once, their new studio album, inspired by the Rorschach Test. Psychology, mental health, paranoia and loss of self-criticism are some of the topics that the album touches on and that the singer developed in an interview with Teleshow

The Cuarteto de Nos presents Lamina Once, their new studio album (Photos: Karin Topolanski) “Although it sounds strange, sometimes I…

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Android 13 receives Beta 4 with final touches for stable version release

Update (07/13/2022) – by DT Just over a month after release the 3rd beta build of Android 13O Google released…

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