How many episodes does 'Secret Invasion' have?  Release dates on Disney + of the next Marvel series

How many episodes does ‘Secret Invasion’ have? Release dates on Disney + of the next Marvel series


In recent months, coinciding with the start of the phase 5 and the concurrence of serious controversies (be it the ...

“House of the Dragon”: Season 2 will have fewer episodes than the first

“House of the Dragon”: Season 2 will have fewer episodes than the first


The second season of “ House of the Dragon ” will be shorter than the first. The continuation of the series will run ...

Imagem de: Eu, a Patroa e as Crianças: melhores episódios para ver em 2023

Me, the Boss and the Children: best episodes to watch in 2023


There are some series that are almost impossible to get sick of. Among them, certainly, is Me, the boss and ...

Imagem de: Ted Lasso estreia na Apple TV+: veja quando chegam novos episódios

Ted Lasso debuts on Apple TV+: see when new episodes arrive


For the general happiness of the nation that enjoys football, series and motivation, the 3rd season of Ted Lasso premieres ...

Imagem de: Naruto ganhará novos episódios! Veja o que sabemos do especial de 20 anos

Naruto will win new episodes! See what we know about the 20th anniversary special


the fans of naruto have reason to celebrate, as the anime will gain four new episodes to celebrate its 20th ...

Imagem de: Intensivão do Amor: quando estreiam novos episódios do dorama na Netflix?

Intensivão do Amor: when do new episodes of the drama premiere on Netflix?


Dramas have been very successful on Netflix. Therefore, when Crash Course in Romance, a new South Korean work, made its ...

Imagem de: Sex/Life: série picante da Netflix ganha 2ª temporada; veja episódios

Sex/Life: Netflix’s spicy series wins season 2; see episodes


Success on Netflix in 2021, the spicy series Sex / Life won a second season on the streaming service this ...

Imagem de: 8 episódios de séries e animações que traumatizaram crianças

8 episodes of series and animations that traumatized children


As much as many series and animations aimed at children have a light and fun plot, there are still many ...

Imagem de: Mindhunter é oficialmente cancelada pela Netflix após 4 anos sem episódios

Mindhunter officially canceled by Netflix after 4 years without episodes


Director David Fincher confirmed that the series mindhunter won’t get a third season on Netflix. In an interview with the ...

Imagem de: Sem cancelamento: 10 séries da Netflix com todos os episódios

No cancellation: 10 Netflix series with all episodes


Netflix is ​​known as the streaming of cancellations. Several original series were written off the schedule after just one season, ...

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