Imagem de: Brendan Fraser gostou de A Baleia? Veja opinião do ator sobre final

Did Brendan Fraser like The Whale? See the actor’s opinion on the ending


Despite all the controversies it has collected over time, The whale (The Whale) it was somewhat successful and brought a ...

Imagem de: Brendan Fraser: quais são os próximos filmes do ator após A Baleia?

Brendan Fraser: what are the actor’s next films after The Whale?


Brendan Fraser made history. After being away from the big screen for many years and being “forgotten” by the film ...

Imagem de: Filme brasileiro ajudou Brendan Fraser a vencer Oscar em A Baleia! Entenda

Brazilian film helped Brendan Fraser win Oscar in A Baleia! Understand


For the happiness of Brendan Fraser fans, the actor was not only nominated for the Oscar 2023 in the category ...

Imagem de: A Baleia está no streaming? Saiba onde assistir filme com Brendan Fraser

Is The Whale streaming? Find out where to watch a movie with Brendan Fraser


Now it’s official: Brendan Fraser (The Mummy), who had been away from the cinema for years, was crowned at the ...

Imagem de: Brendan Fraser vence Oscar de Melhor ator por A Baleia

Brendan Fraser Wins Best Actor Oscar for The Whale


After much anticipation, actor Brendan Fraser won in the category of Best Actor at the Oscar 2023, for his performance ...

Imagem de: A Baleia: filme do Oscar é bom ou só ganha destaque por Brendan Fraser?

Is The Whale: Oscar movie good or is it only highlighted by Brendan Fraser?


Released on February 23 in Brazil, The Whale (The Whale)directed by Darren Aronofsky and written by Samuel D. Hunter, marked ...

Imagem de: A Baleia: conheça o elenco do filme com Brendan Fraser

The Whale: meet the cast of the film with Brendan Fraser


The 95th Academy Awards ceremony is coming up. Next Sunday (12), the public engaged in cinematographic productions will finally find ...

Imagem de: A Baleia: o polêmico filme que pode dar o Oscar a Brendan Fraser

The Whale: the controversial film that could give Oscar to Brendan Fraser


The world missed Brendan Fraser. star of A Mummy (1999) and demonic (2000), the actor spent more than 10 years ...

Imagem de: A Baleia: Brendan Fraser rebate críticas ao seu papel no filme; veja!

The Whale: Brendan Fraser hits back at criticism of his role in the film; look!


Brendan Fraser, an actor who was missing from the big screen, returned to the cinema in a role completely different ...

Imagem de: Após 12 anos longe do cinema, Brendan Fraser é indicado ao Oscar

After 12 years away from the cinema, Brendan Fraser is nominated for an Oscar


That’s what it’s like to turn around! After spending 12 years without starring in a movie in Hollywood, Brendan Fraser, ...

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