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T-Mobile Data Breach: Cyber ​​attack could affect 100 million customers

T Mobile data breach

T-Mobile fell victim to a major hacker attack in the United States. The media already reported this over the weekend. Now the company confirms this. The extent of the damage is still unclear. According to reports, T-Mobile data breach affected more than 100 million people.

In his statement, T-Mobile said that it had not yet been possible to determine whether personal customer information was also affected. However, the Motherboard website reported at the weekend that the data of more than 100 million people were available on the web. According to the seller, this data should come from servers of the US subsidiary of T-Mobile.

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In addition to the name and address of the persons concerned, the telephone number, social security number, and driver’s license data are also affected. In short: all the data you need to be able to commit widespread identity theft with all its consequences in the USA.

According to Spiegel Online, the online magazine Bleeping Computer has also published screenshots from the Darknet, in which the purchase was offered to at least 30 million customers. The hackers then demanded $ 280,000 in Bitcoin.

Gap closed, T-Mobile is still covered to the full extent

They are convinced that the gap has now been closed. In addition, one is currently checking which data the attackers could access, said T-Mobile USA. This could still take some time. Only then is it possible to name the exact number of customer accounts affected by the T-Mobile data breach.

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Deutsche Telekom holds around 43 percent of the American subsidiary. However, a deal with the Japanese company Softbank gives you de facto control over the company.

The company disclosed illegal access to information related to up to 200,000 of its clients earlier this year. In another incident, about 1 million T-Mobile users were caught up in another data breach in 2019, while approximately 2 million customers may have had their personal information taken by hackers a year earlier.


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