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Synchronize the cell phone with the car: tricks to get the most out of it

One of the advances in technology that has provided people with the most comfort is the connectivity between cars and cell phones, since it allows you to answer calls and listen to music from different applications.

In addition to the functions already mentioned, TechMarkup has compiled some additional configurations that can be made to this service.

How to synchronize the car with the Smartphone:

Before accessing functions that are not as well known by people, it is necessary to synchronize the vehicle with the cell phone, these are the steps to follow to carry out this process:

However, you can also pair the cell phone with the car from the latter, these are the instructions to do it:

Unlink the car from the cell phone:

On other occasions, what is needed is to unlink the cell phone from the car, perhaps because it is going to be sold or because the terminal has been changed. In this situation these are the steps to follow.

Tips to make the most of the functions between the car and the phone:

Not only is it allowed to answer calls or play music from the vehicle’s audio systems, if you have applications installed that allow you to use cell phone functions from the car, you could take advantage of many more options:

Android Auto:

This is an Android application that allows better management of the applications used when driving the car, through this app, you can access all the functions with the “OK GOOGLE” command

If you have this application installed on your cell phone, you can perform the following tricks:

Start automatically:

In order for the application to start automatically once the cell phone is linked to the car, the following steps must be followed:

Organize apps:

Under certain circumstances, it is necessary to use some cell phone applications that do not appear in the main menu of the car screen, to access the desired apps, the following steps must be followed:

Control google apps from cart:

For CarPlay:

CarPlay is the application that allows you to operate Apple cell phones from the car and the apple company you are looking for through this mobile application, you can control the air conditioning, heating, position of the chairs and more:

Although at the moment these are the additional configurations that can be made to this application:

Block notifications:

Add and remove apps:

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