Sylvester Stallone knows he’s “the last dinosaur,” and he’s proud of it

Sylvester Stallone knows he's "the last dinosaur," and he's proud of it

2023 is being an especially hectic year for Sylvester Stallone. Although, strictly speaking, it cannot be said that he has ever put on the brakes throughout his career. Anger still fresh for what happened to Rocky (saga that he created, but from which he was separated upon arrival Creed III depending on the plans MGM to expand it through spin-offs), Stallone releases this September 29th The mercenariesand months before he launched in Paramount+ a reality About your family, The Stallone Family.

He has also recently been in the Toronto Festivalwhere he went to promote Sly. The latest edition of the Canadian contest, where American Fiction won the main prize, paving the way to the Oscar, has had this documentary dedicated to the life of Stallone in its programming.

directs it Thom Zimny with a view to a future premiere in Netflix, and was screened at the closing ceremony. Since sly investigates Stallone’s career as a star of hollywood, the actor could not help but become reflective in front of the media. An interview with ET Canada It is especially endearing.

Stallone was also surprised by “the longevity of this race.” “It’s amazing because I don’t know how much longer it can last… Society is changing, how cinema is marketed… everything is faster. So longevity will become exceptional.” The actor of Rambo He assumes that the industry is changing so that there is less and less space for him and what he represents. “I consider myself as the last of the dinosaurs, you know what I mean? And I’m very proud about it… But yes, you have to think about it. Is incredible. It is”.

“I don’t take it for granted, but now what I really want is to spend time with my loved ones. “Most of the time I have left,” said the actor while he gave his wife a meaningful look. Jennifer Flavin, with whom he posed in front of the media. “This is the best of all. I told myself ‘What if I was here alone?’ I’ve been to premieres, going around doing junkets all over the world alone. and I told myself ‘Wow, you are performing and everyone is applauding you’. Then I realized that everything was empty. This is the main thing.”

“I come home and talk to her about this, as if I wanted to share it. If you don’t have someone to share your life with, life isn’t worth it,” the star of The mercenaries.

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