SwiftKey is saying goodbye to iOS

The SwiftKey keyboard developed by Microsoft will leave the Apple App Store on October 5, confirmed in a statement Verge information from the Redmond company. Those who have previously installed and actively use the program can still type with it until uninstalling or changing their phone, but it will not be possible to download the application again from the App Store. The SwiftKey keyboard remains available and supported on Android-based devices.


SwiftKey on iPhones. (source: Swiftkey Support) [+]

SwiftKey has been available for iOS since 2014, Microsoft bought the application in 2016 and used it to develop the Windows touch keyboard. Over the past year, users have received many complaints about the iOS version of the program, and the company has not updated the application for more than a year. Meanwhile, the version written for Android has received extra features with continuous updates, such as the universal clipboard between Windows and Android systems. The company did not explain why it decided to end support for the iOS version.


(Cover image: 9to5Mac)

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