SwiftKey is back on iOS

On Friday evening, the SwiftKey virtual keyboard developed by Microsoft became completely unexpectedly available again in the App Store of Apple’s iOS system, for which the latter company terminated support on the iOS system in October, and then removed the keyboard from the application store of Apple’s platform. THE Vergein a statement sent to , Microsoft communicated that, following user feedback, the Redmond company decided to return its keyboard to the App Store. It really is available again, you can easily bring it up from the search engine and download it.


Regarding the situation of SwiftKey, there are no other changes for now, the last update of the application was on August 11, 2021, and it is not known when a new update will arrive. Earlier, Microsoft communicated that the development of SwiftKey for iOS would stop, but would continue on Android, but now several responsible managers of the company wrote on Twitter about the application being available again, that updates will be coming soon.

SwiftKey was originally a keyboard made for Android, but it also became successful on the green robot platform. It became available for iOS in 2014, when iOS 8 was released. Microsoft bought SwiftKey in 2016, they stopped iOS development in 2021, but continued support for the Android system.


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