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Survivors: who won the Netflix reality show and the fate of the winners

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Last Friday (10), Netflix added to its catalog the eight episodes of survivors. The survival reality show pitted sixteen contestants to survive in an Alaskan forest, bringing a handsome prize to the winners.

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They must work in teams of four people each and go through the hardships of extreme cold, hunting for food and building shelters. In the end, the winning group divides the value of US$ 1 million among themselves.

The road to the season finale is filled with rivalry intrigue, strategies, sabotage and much more. Find out below who were the big winners of survivors and how they are after the competition.

Who won the reality show?

Camp Charlie, composed of Seth Lueker, Paul Preece and Nick Radner, was the big winner of the competition. The group has survived factors such as food shortages, wet feet, and even changing and losing teammates.

Seth, Paul and Nick from Camp Charlie were the big winners. (Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

The competition rule is that you can only win if you are in a group. In this way, the union between them was fundamental, as Nick declared to the all, Netflix news portal: “Me, Paul and Seth were ready to die here. I’m being completely honest. We were ready to die or be evacuated because we weren’t going to go home or throw that flare.”

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To withdraw from the program, as many did, it was necessary to shoot a flare in the air. In the final of the reality show, each of the three winners took home US$ 333,000.

How are the participants currently doing?

After winning the show, Seth returned home to his family in Winchester, Virginia. Since then, the former navy soldier has enjoyed his leisure at home, but without leaving aside certain adventures. As an example, he completed the Appalachian Trail, the famous 3,500-kilometer American trail.

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

Paul returned to live with his family in Knoxville, Tennessee. The hunter continues to take the meat that feeds his family with his own hands and to teach young people how to hunt. He even created a podcast, The Horns, where he teams up with his fellow competitors and Angie Kenai, who was also part of the team to some extent.

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Lastly, Nick continues to teach English at a high school in Palm Harbor, Florida. He still practices his survival skills by climbing Mt. Shasta and traveling across the United States.

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