Surprises, absences and the great candidates for the 2022 Emmys: “Succession”, “Ted Lasso” and “The White Lotus” lead the list

Surprises, absences and the great candidates for the 2022 Emmys: “Succession”, “Ted Lasso” and “The White Lotus” lead the list

Finally, the nominees for the new installment of the Emmy to the best of television in 2021/22 and with 25 nominations, Succession leads the list. The series that premiered its third season once again marks a strong presence and places, once again, HBO/HBOMax as the chain with the most representatives. in comedy, ted lasso of AppleTV+ and in miniseries, The White Lotusalso from hbo maxboth with 20 complete the podium.

The announcement happened this Tuesday, July 12, by the United States Television Academy. None of the three productions that receive the most nominations will compete in the same category, a curious fact in this award. Succession He will do it in the section of best dramatic series which he has conquered in 2020, ted lasso in best comedy also since last year that took the award and The White Lotus is the candidate to become the best miniseries.

Succession Season 3 bis

Among the great absences is Atlanta, from an excellent third season and long-awaited return (to be released soon on Star+), which only had a few mentions, but does not compete in drama and comedy. The other is This Is Us which came to an end without being crowned best drama. Both did not have the presence to match their performance or impact.

Other surprises, but in a good way, are the arrival of Squid Game to an American award show and the huge number of nominations from Hulu / Star+ Y AppleTV+, proving once and for all that the business has definitely turned to the platforms. Regarding the Korean series, it became the first non-English language production nominated for best drama series.

Ted Lasso – Trailer – Second Season

On the growth of the business on platforms, both Hulu/Star+ Y AppleTV+ They added productions of series and movies for each of their services. The first has as great exponents Only Murders in the Building with 17 and 14 for the miniseries dopesick. The second has its winning card on ted lasso and in this season he added with the extraordinary severity too14. In both cases, as in HBO, the trend is to produce less quantity, but of higher quality, a strategy that served both for their growth.

Among the platforms that dispute the first place, once again the Top 1 remains in the hands of HBO / HBOMax which achieved 140 nominations. There you can see two of the most nominated series: Succession Y The White Lotus. The first gathered 25 nominations, a considerably important number for these awards although far from the 32 of Game of Thrones. The second reached 20 nominations, but it doesn’t just stop there: Hacks (17) and euphoria (16) also helped climb to the top. All these fictions can be seen in hbo max.

Trailer for the first season of “The White Lotus”

Netflix It was once again in second place among the most nominated series, but with a number that was not insignificant: 105 nominations. Squid Game is the surprise with 14, stranger things is the winning card every time it is released and more so with this last season, and it is finally Ozarks that could surprise by saying goodbye to television with its last season. Without a doubt, he seeks the reign in prizes won in the next installment.

By Disney+the surprise was the nominations of Chadwick Boseman in whatif . The actor was nominated in the voiceover category almost two years after his death. Beyond that, one of Disney’s services managed 34 nominations with the majority (19) coming from the MCU: Moon Knight (88), Loki (6), What If…? (3) and hawk eye (two). By starwars, boba fett book Y Star Wars: Visions they also received mentions at the ceremony.

Severance Trailer

The Emmys 2022 will take place on September 12 and in Latin America they can be seen live on the screen of TNT.