Surprise: Netflix account restriction gets you new subscriptions

Many believed they were crazy. A common practice to consume streaming is to stretch a subscription to share password, and several users can enjoy the catalog. The custom started with Netflix and it has maintained itself with other competitors, but lo and behold, in the midst of great changes in its business model (fundamentally around advertising), the giant of streaming announced that it was going to stop allowing it, restricting the use of the same password.

Under this new model, each user would have to buy their own subscription or pay $7.99 in regime of “additional members”, and his announcement caused quite a stir. It did not seem like a good idea and it was believed that this was going to be expensive for them, and yet the first data since the change included in the agency was applied Antenna (as echoed Variety) are very positive. Within the US market, and according to Netflix began blocking devices on May 25, the platform has had its four best days in terms of new subscriptions.

Between May 25 and 28 the company has added 73,000 new subscriberswhich represents an increase in 102% with respect to the average of the previous 60 days. As expected, the restriction has also generated cancellations, increasing by a 25.6% with respect to the previous 60 days. And yet, the number of unsubscribes is considerably less than the number of new Netflix customers.

The balance of the measure has been positive, although now it is worth wondering if it will be an improvement with a view to maintaining itself or a mere rebound. In any case, there is also the possibility that these results make the competition think that it is not as suicidal as the option to share an account seemed to restrict.

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