Supernatural: where are the cast after the end of the series?

After 15 years on the air, Supernatural closed on November 19, 2020. The story follows brothers Sam and Dean, who lose their mother to a demonic force and go on adventures across the United States to hunt monsters. The project can be seen on HBO Max and Prime Video.

The CW’s supernatural mystery series has won over many fans over the years. Success reached the point of releasing books to tell new stories of the protagonist brothers.

The actors in the cast were marked in their career by the roles they played over 15 seasons. And after the end of the series, each of them took different directions in their lives.

Next, we tell you where the cast of Supernatural.

5. Jensen Ackles

(Source: The CW/Disclosure)Source: CW

Dean’s interpreter quickly got a new job in the famous series The Boys. The actor arrived on the show in the third season playing Soldier Boy, one of the first superheroes created by Vought.

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His participation in the project was facilitated by Eric Kripke. The showrunner of the Amazon series of heroes played the same role in Supernatural. Ackles said in an interview that during a conversation with Kripke, he asked him for the role because he would soon be unemployed.

In addition, the actor is involved in the production of The Winchestersprequel to Supernatural created by HBO Max that tells the story of Sam and Dean’s parents, who were also hunters of supernatural creatures. Ackles returns to Dean’s role as the episode’s narrator.

4. Jared Padalecki

(Source: The CW/Disclosure)(Source: The CW/Disclosure)Source: CW

In 2022, Padalecki was involved in a serious car accident, which made him recover for some time before returning to the projects he was working on. Fortunately, the actor is well and in excellent physical condition.

Talking about his career as an actor, currently he plays the lead role Cordell in walker. The project is a reboot of walker, texas rangerAmerican series of the 90s.

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The story sees Cordell, a widower and father of two, returning to his hometown in search of reconnecting with his family after spending time away working as a ranger. Here in Brazil, the 3 seasons are available on Globoplay.

3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

(Source: The CW/Disclosure)(Source: The CW/Disclosure)Source: CW

Morgan played the father of the Winchester brothers more frequently until the end of the second season. Afterwards, he only went to appear in the 300-episode special, in the 14th season in 2019.

During all this time away from the series, the actor participated in major projects, such as Watchmen – The Movie It is The Walking Deadplaying the villain Negan from the 6th season until the 11th and final.

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Now, like his former co-star Jensen Ackles, the artist has joined the cast of The Boys. The character he will play has not yet been revealed, but his participation in the 4th season of the project has already been confirmed.

2. Jim Beaver

(Source: The CW/Disclosure)(Source: The CW/Disclosure)Source: CW

Known for bringing Bobby Singer to life on the series, Beaver made several appearances in different films and series after the end of his participation in the project.

The actor appeared in Better Call Saul is at The Alley of Nightmare, by Guillermo del Toro. Furthermore, the connection between the cast of Supernatural and its showrunner is apparently quite strong, as the artist also participated in The Boys during the three seasons released so far.

1. Misha Collins

(Source: The CW/Disclosure)(Source: The CW/Disclosure)Source: CW

Actor who played the angel Castiel during 12 seasons of the supernatural series, Collins has now joined the cast of Gotham Knights as the villain Two-Face.

The project accompanies this and other villains joining Batman’s son after the hero’s death, since none of them is blamed for what happened and are looking to clear their record.

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In addition to being an actor, he also works as a presenter on Roadfood, a project in which he travels across the United States visiting communities of different ethnicities and learning more about their typical foods and culture.

So, do you like to follow the career of any of the actors?

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