Supernatural: 10 questions about Dean that were left at the end of the series

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With the launch of The Winchesters🇧🇷 spin-off of Supernatural created by Jensen Ackles for HBO Max, one of the best series characters of all time has returned to the spotlight: Dean Winchester. After all, he starred in the story alongside his brother, Sam, and now his parents’ story is told in the new production.

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However, as we remember Dean, there are some mysteries left unsolved. Let’s find out which ones?

Supernatural: see 10 questions about Dean that were left at the end of the series:

10 – How did he survive in Purgatory?

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Without a doubt, being trapped in Purgatory was one of Dean’s greatest trials. But the real question is, how did he manage to survive if there was no food there?

After all, he was still human, and while Castiel and Benny could easily survive without food, the same couldn’t be said for Dean. So this is a mystery that has remained unsolved.

9 – Why doesn’t he remember his childhood?

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Also, another detail that lacks information is Dean’s childhood in Supernatural🇧🇷 While Sam remembers being a kid, Dean seems to have some memory lapses, such as when he says he’s never been to the Grand Canyon, and a few years later, Sam reminds him that the two of them were there as kids.

Could it be the sign of a traumatic childhood? We will never know!

8 – How did Dean escape the police for so many years?

Throughout the series, Dean has been classified as a wanted man by the authorities many times. Still, he drove free across the United States and even pretended to be a cop, detective and more.

Did no one really recognize him despite him supposedly being one of the most wanted men in the country?

7 – Why didn’t the fight with Lucifer destroy the planet?

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One of the most awaited moments of Supernatural it was the battle between Michael and Lucifer that was supposed to destroy the planet. Dean was empowered to face the Devil himself, and in the end, the battle barely destroyed the church they were in.

This is certainly one of the most intriguing questions from fans and one that should have been explored further.

6 – How were the periods away from Sam?

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Dean and Sam got separated at two different times after Season 5 and Season 7. However, it’s almost as if that time doesn’t count in the show’s timeline. In fact, the period of history seems the same when they meet again.

The years don’t change in the series and we know little about what happened during those years.

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5 – Could Dean Really Defeat Castiel?

Another big question on the roadmap Supernatural is whether Dean could actually defeat Castiel in his human form. As good a fighter as he was, Cass was an angel and, later, a Knight of Hell. So it doesn’t seem to make much sense when we look at each one’s abilities.

4 – How did Amara stop being important?

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Dean always felt very close to Amara and said he could never hurt her. However, in the final season, he deceives her and injures her without any problems. How did he lose that connection? This was never explained in the series!

3 – Why did Dean go to the Void if he was human?

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The series made it very clear that only angels and demons went to the Void, where they could sleep for eternity. So Dean, being a human, wouldn’t be able to get there. And yet, he made it. How did this happen?

2 – How did Dean never find out about the Knights of Hell?

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In the early seasons, John’s diary was a great ally of Dean and Sam. However, over the course of the series, they stopped consulting him.

Still, it seems strange that it took him so long to read about the Knights. After all, he’d supposedly read the entire diary several times already, so how did he miss this information?

1 – What happened to the actor who played Dean in the alternate universe?

Lastly, another thing we’d like to know is what happened to Dean in the alternate universe. After all, according to the plot itself, there should be two Deans in the same timeline, but somehow it’s like he’s replaced his variant… which maybe wasn’t possible?

With that, this became another question that remained unanswered in Supernatural🇧🇷 Does The Winchesters Will you somehow answer these questions? It is worth remembering that the series is available in the HBO Max catalog.

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