Superheroes ‘made in Spain’, trailer for Prime Video’s ‘Awareness’

Ian is a teenager who makes a living with his father through small scams and scams thanks to a special gift that the young man possesses, He is capable of projecting visual illusions into the minds of others. But an unfortunate event will bring his powers to light and, from that moment on, two rival gangs will fight to obtain his services and the secrets of his gift. At the same time, Ian will discover that there are others like him, the Perceivers, and that a battle is coming in which he must choose which side he is on.

It is the premise of Awarenessa science fiction film directed by Daniel Benmayor (of Xtreme and Tracers), co-author of the script with Ivan Ledesmain a distribution in which Carlos Scholz assumes the main role, changing the strippers from the series toy boy for the fantastic action. In the interpretation section you will be accompanied Pedro Alonso (The Money Heist), Maria Pedraza (The paper house and with whom he already worked toy boy), Karina Kolokolchykova (The grandmother), the Californian Lela Loren (from the series power either Altered Carbon) and Oscar Jaenada (Goya for best actor for Shrimp).

After screening at the next Sitges Festival, on Sunday, October 8, it will be available in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video very few days later, starting Wednesday the 11th. A premiere that is just a few weeks away, so the same platform, after the preview shown last March, has been encouraged to launch the official trailer of the movie.

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