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Super Mario Bros: The full movie ends up on Twitter and no one notices


New violation of the simplest copyright rules for the Super Mario Bros film which, after being freely broadcast by the Argentinean GenTV network, landed on Twitter in its complete version.

Blue-badged certified Twitter user @vidsthatgohard took advantage of Elon Musk’s new premium feature of uploading longer videos to post the entire animated film starring the video game icon.

The film was uploaded in tmariowo parts, although it is not yet clear from which source the video in question came, whether it was stolen on the sly in the theater or even the result of a leak which, thanks to the new Twitter feature, would have allowed uploading video in Full HD 1080p quality. Forbes reported that all in all, the quality of the video uploaded was quite high, which allowed many incredulous viewers to freely, even if illegally, enjoy one of the greatest cinematic successes of recent years.

The infraction was only discovered after many hours, giving the cheeky post the opportunity to amass over 9 million views before the video was permanently removed. Furthermore, we understand that the account in question has been banned, although the author seems to have returned with a new profile: @Vidsthatgohard0.

However, the illegal upload of the Super Mario Bros film has shifted attention once again to the particular situation in which Twitter finds itself after the acquisition of Elon Musk.

That sort of “technical purge” desired by the South African tycoon, in favor of an alleged increase in the level of freedom of expression on Twitter, has deprived the Bluebird platform of a large part of the technical staff, including many moderators, bringing the social a state of semi-anarchy.

What happened with the loading and dissemination of the Super Mario film could be a direct consequence of this grotesque situation, with the aggravating circumstance that the crime will certainly favor online piracy which, of course, will have taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity to get their hands on the copy unauthorized of a film that is breaking the box office all over the world.

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