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SuenaEnTikTok, the musical event of the social network with Latin artists

#SoundsOnTikTok.  (photo: TikTok)
#SoundsOnTikTok. (photo: TikTok)

Latin music has a distinctive character and rhythm that draws both attention, that not without reason several artists have tried to gain a foothold in the international list of the most important to spread music and their passion throughout the world.

To continue enjoying the sounds of Latin roots, On August 10, starting at 11:00 a.m., the second edition of #SuenaEnTikTok will take place. the festival that brings together the Latin artists of the moment to dedicate themselves to more than 12 hours of music making all users dance and sing loudly.

To experience this #SuenaEnTikTok event, users can enjoy it through the official @TikTok_español profile. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to continue celebrating Latin music with TikTok.

Which artists will be on #SuenaEnTikTok

Before revealing the fun program of the festival, it is important to mention that not only will the hits of more than 32 artists with more than 156 million followers, but it will also be possible in a mixture of genres.

Some of the singers that we will find in #SuenaEnTikTok they are a perfect combination and represent the rhythm of the region as:

– Maria Becerra

– Stereo Bomb

– Julion Alvarez

– Sofia Reyes

– The Two Carnal

– Carin Leon

– The real Decadents

The Real Decadents.  (Photo: Diffusion)
The Real Decadents. (Photo: Diffusion)

All of the aforementioned are from the platform, and will also be taken native artists that have become user favorites such as:

– Brussels

– Leon Leiden

– Rod Contreras, among others

Brussels.  (photo: The Western)
Brussels. (photo: The Western)

TikTok it has become the catalyst for songs that transcend borders, allowing them to have worldwide influence. In addition, it has positioned itself as a platform that promotes the discovery of emerging music, as well as consecrated artists connecting with the public in a unique way.

“TikTok has evolved the way to discover music online,” he says Gabriel Llano, TikTok Senior Music Partner LATAM. “Latin sounds and rhythms continue to position themselves around the world, breaking down boundaries, uniting cultures and connecting with diverse audiences who live and discover new artists in the music industry through TikTok.”

This and much more can be seen and heard on #SuenaEnTikTok, the convergence of the talents that have built the position of Latin power and how this new generation is forging a new path using tools like TikTok.

TikTok Music.  (photo: Xataka)
TikTok Music. (photo: Xataka)

TikTok has changed the music industry

TikTok is home to a community of music enthusiasts, that’s why they’re always on the lookout for the next big thing, being the perfect platform for new artists to find and build audiences through their passion, authenticity, and love for music. music.

That is why native and emerging musicians have found on the platform the best space to share their songs on and off TikTok, from creating a short video of the hit refrain to singing on stage at the most famous festivals. Most relevant around. LATAM.

Rauw Alejandro doing a sexy step at a concert, which later became a trend on social networks.  (photo: YouTube)
Rauw Alejandro doing a sexy step at a concert, which later became a trend on social networks. (photo: YouTube)

Also, many readers will wonder: “How much impact could TikTok have on the entertainment industry? music?” Well, the answer is Jorge Ovallethe CEO of LID, a company that has spent 4 years shaping the digital strategies of artists such as Carlos Vives, Tainy, Thalia, Daddy Yankee, Neon 16, Pitizion, among others.

For Jorge, TikTok is the engine for the viralization of content on a global scale, more than the scale of monetization on the platform, the greatest advantage that artists achieve in this social network it is the distribution of your music at a speed never before seen in history.

“It is not only the exposure, it is the level of engagement in the audience that generates great results; when a song is posted on tiktok, there is an increase in consumption on all platforms of almost 400% in relation to the current consumption of the song, before the explosion of the single on this social network”, Oval said.

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