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Succession: Brian Cox criticizes Jeremy Strong’s performance in the series; look!

Imagem de: Succession: Brian Cox critica a atuação de Jeremy Strong na série; veja!

This past Tuesday, the 21st, Brian Cox, in an interview for Town & Country magazine, criticized Jeremy Strong’s acting. The actors act together in the famous HBO series Succession.

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Cox called Jeremy’s work “annoying” but recognized the actor’s talent. “Oh, the acting is annoying as fuck. On the set I always think, ‘don’t make me go through with this,'” he said.

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“He’s a very good actor and the result is great. But knowing a character and what he does is just part of the skill set needed for the profession,” continued the actor.

“Strong is very talented. But I think when you’re in the present, celebrate the present. Then go back to your trailer and take a puff of weed, you know?” not filming.

This isn’t the first time Cox has criticized his colleague’s work. In 2021, during an interview with The New Yorker, the actor called Strong ‘intense’ and compared him to other American actors.

“I’ve worked with intense actors before. It’s a particularly American disease, I think, this inability to separate while you’re doing work.”

Then Brian Cox continued talking about the subject on other occasions, such as on Late Night With Seth Meyers and in other press interviews.

Jeremy Strong Responds to Brian Cox Criticism

(Warner Bros. Television Distribution/Playback)(Warner Bros. Television Distribution/Playback)Source: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

On the same day that the new criticisms of Brian Cox surfaced, GQ magazine published its March issue, with Jeremy Strong on the cover and a personal interview with the actor. During the conversation, Strong responded to some of his colleague’s lines.

“Everyone has the right to their feelings. I think Brian Cox, for example, has earned the right to say whatever he wants. There was no need to address this or do damage control.”

“I feel a lot of love for my brothers and my dad on the show. And it’s like family in the sense that – and I’m sure they would say this too – you don’t always like the people you love. But I always respect them,” Strong said.

The actor also said that he trusts his acting and that he does not intend to change the way he works. “Am I going to adjust or compromise how I’ve worked all my life and what I believe in? There’s not an iota of doubt about it,” he revealed.

“I’m still going to do whatever it takes to serve whatever it is. Which isn’t to say that it’s the same thing as stepping over other people. It has to do with autonomous concentration. It’s a very lonely thing. I think. that there is very little impact on others other than what they might want to project and how that might make them feel.”

That way, we just have to wait and see how Brian Cox will react to Strong’s lines and whether he will continue to criticize the actor’s work.

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