Studio Ghibli producer confirms that Miyazaki is already working on his next film: “I can’t stop him”

There is no one who can stop a person with firm determination. Or at least that’s what they must be constantly thinking about. Studio Ghibli, Well, it seems that, fortunately, they have not yet said goodbye to one of their most illustrious figures. It is possible that Hayao Miyazaki You are thinking about everything except your retirement, and I would already have something about to develop.

It was believed that The boy and the heron, Presented in Spain at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, it was going to be the last film by the Japanese director at 82 years old. However, it did not seem like a certainty, since Junichi Nishioka, vice president of the animation studio, assured that the filmmaker He had shown up at the office with new ideas.

This contradicted the words of Toshio Suzuki, that he had promised that The boy and the heron It would be Miyazaki’s farewell. However, the producer of the Japanese company has recently revealed that the situation is as Nishioka pointed out. As Libération confirms, there is a new idea in the director’s mind.

“He thinks about his next project every day. I can’t stop him, I’ve given up. His work is the only thing he is passionate about. We talked recently and he said to me, ‘By the way, what was my last movie about? I don’t even remember anymore. Then he started telling me about his new idea, so I’m not going to stop him. As long as he works, I won’t retire. He is 82 years old, but I think it will continue until 90 and I will be with him,” Suzuki said in an interview with several media outlets.

Nobody stops Hayao Miyazaki

The most important director at an international level within the anime is a fireproof figure that has placed Studio Ghibli as reference within the animation. It is not the first time that he has claimed that he was close to retirement, something he already stated in the 90s after Porco Rosso. Almost ten years later came Spirited Away (2001), his biggest success and only anime film to win the Oscar for best animated film.

He also said he would retire with The wind rises (2013), but It wasn’t true either. During these last few years, Miyazaki has continued to work intermittently, and with The boy and the heron It seemed that his final retirement would come. However, there is no one to stop him, not even those closest to him. As long as he wants to continue, the rest of the world will enjoy everything new he brings.

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