Studio Ghibli and LucasFilm may collaborate; know more!

My Friend Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke🇧🇷 If you’re a movie fan, you’ve probably heard of one of these titles. All of them were developed by the same Japanese company, the legendary Studio Ghibli, a reference in animation since its foundation in 1985🇧🇷

Now, imagine a possible union between the studio and LucasFilm, another historic film company, holder of remarkable titles, such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

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Well, maybe we don’t just need to imagine.

That’s because, today (10), the official profile of Studio Ghibli on Twitter made a post with a video that shows the logos of the two brands (Ghibli and LucasFilm). Which may indicate that a possible partnership may be in the companies’ plans.


Despite the post, the content does not confirm the partnership. However, the LucasFilm’s official Twitter profile also mentioned the video🇧🇷 So, it is difficult to imagine any other scenario than a collaboration.

About Studio Ghibli

Recently, Japanese studio head Hayao Miyazaki announced his return from retirement for one last project, called How Do You Live?🇧🇷 For now, we only know that the film is inspired by a book of the same name, released in 1937 and written by Yoshino Genzaburo.

He had stopped producing new animations in 2013.

Kiki’s Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, Whispers of the Heart and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind are some more titles already produced by the company.

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baby yodaSource: LucasFilm/Disney

About LucasFilm

Founded in 1971 by George Lucas, the studio, currently owned by Disney, is one of the largest in the world.

The company is responsible for all titles in the saga Star Warsincluding series, films and animations, in addition to owning the franchise Indiana Joneswhich also has several works and fans around the world.

What to expect from the partnership?

Since Studio Ghibli specializes in animations, if the partnership is confirmed, it is very likely that the companies will produce something in this field. Maybe even a crossover between beloved characters from both brands can happen.

For now, we can only wait for more news.

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