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Street Fighter 6 official, unveiled the first trailer: the immortal fighting game returns

Street Fighter 6 official
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Capcom continues to believe in Street Fighter, one of its most long-lived and popular franchises, proof of this is the fact that 35 years after the debut of the first chapter ( and 6 from the last ), comes the announcement of a new , unreleased episode . For the occasion, Capcom has published the first teaser video of Street Fighter 6 in which the symbolic character of the immortal fighting game could not be missing, namely Ryu (in a bearded version). In the movie, the Street Fighter icon is about to fight Luke, added to the SF V CE roster via DLC.

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The First Trailer

The sequence does not reveal any aspect of the gameplay, it is just a video that serves as an introduction to the new chapter. Nor should we rely too much on the sequences shown, because they could give a misleading indication of the quality of the graphics engine: the sequences represent a game still under development , Capcom is preparing to clarify. It’s just an unconfirmed hypothesis that the backbone of the graphics system may be the RE Engine already used in Residente Evil 7 and Village.


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New Updates In Summer

When exactly is Street Fighter 6 coming ? Capcom has not yet announced a date, but limits itself to making an appointment next summer to find out more about it . The game therefore seems to be still in the initial stages of development, given that there is no talk of launch date yet, but of updates on the project. It is hoped that Capcom will be able to find ways to restore life to the series by introducing new mechanics. Yet another attempt to exploit the nostalgia effect, stretching a franchise that is too long-lived, or a new valid exponent of the fighting game genre? To answer it will take months of confident waiting.


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