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“Stranger Things”: the notorious mistake of the new season that was admitted by its creators

“Stranger Things”: the notorious mistake of the new season that was admitted by its creators

Six months have passed since the Battle of Starcourt left the town of Hawkins in terror and destruction. Meanwhile, the protagonists are separated and have to deal with multiple problems. (Netflix)

There was a detail in the fourth season of stranger things that caught the attention of fans and gave rise to a theory. Eleven, Mike, Jonathan, and even Joyce herself, forgot the Will’s birthday (interpreted by Noah Schnapp) and it is for this reason that he looks very sad on the day his best friend arrives on a trip to California during the holidays. The date that appears on the video filmed at the skating rink is the March 22, the same one that his mother mentioned in the second installment. Was it intentional or really a mistake of the duffer brothers when did they write the new episodes?

The honest answer is, clearly like the characters on the show, we also forget about Will’s birthday.. So the debate now is whether we adjust Will’s birthday or just let it be really sad,” Matt said, and Ross defended himself: “It’s been six years since I wrote that date!”

Will Byers
Will Byers’ birthday was forgotten in the fourth season of “Stranger Things”. (Netflix)

Actually, there is a job for one or more people dedicated to keeping track of these details, great writers like George RR Martin and Stephen King are supported by having extensive literary universes. Now, the minds behind the hit series of Netflix They assure that they also need someone who can help them, because they do not completely remember everything they have written in the previous seasons and they can fall into this type of confusion.


matt duffer He admitted that his memory is not good, but they love Will and “I don’t want people to think that we don’t love Will because we forgot him,” he said. But his brother’s idea is to fix it in the same style as George Lucas. “We are thinking that his new birthday will be May 22because ‘mayo’ can fit in Winona’s mouth [en la escena de la temporada dos donde Joyce dice la fecha del cumpleaños de Will]”, is the solution they propose.

Both writers of stranger things they ended up apologizing to the viewers and to the character himself, “Of course that would mean her mom forgot her birthday! It’s too bad. It was obviously a mistake, and we’re sorry. We apologize to the fans. And especially Will! It is unfair”.

Matt and Ross Duffer proposed to change the date of the character's birthday so that it is not so sad.  (Netflix)
Matt and Ross Duffer proposed to change the date of the character’s birthday so that it is not so sad. (Netflix)

stranger things still has a lot to tell before the end

Some days ago, Netflix brought back one of his most beloved titles and once again invaded the homes of the audience with the story of these young people who face a supernatural power that does not belong to their reality. stranger things became a phenomenon in 2016 and, six years later, it still maintains its reign with the release of the first volume of the fourth batch of chapters.

During the first three days of its premiere, it set a record with 286 million hours of views and far exceeded the second season of Bridgerton (193 million hours viewed recorded in the same period of time). However, the season has not even come to an end, because the second volume – made up of two full-length episodes – will land on July 1 on the platform.

The second volume of "Stranger Things 4" will arrive on July 1.  (Netflix)
The second volume of “Stranger Things 4” will arrive on July 1. (Netflix)

Prior to the return of television fiction, Matt and Ross Duffer They confirmed that the story will culminate in the fifth season, so there will be more to tell about Eleven, her group of friends and the mystery of the Upside Down.

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