Stranger Things season 5 title revealed and fans theorize

As the 6th of November is known as Stranger Things Day, for being the day Eleven first met Mike and his other friendsNetflix decided to celebrate by releasing the name of the 1st episode of the 5th and final season of the series: “The Crawl”.

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In free translation, the episode can be called “The Crawl/Crawler” or “The Crawl”. THE next season is scheduled to premiere only in 2024. However, the announcement shows that production of the new episodes is already moving forward.


With the title released, fans began to theorize about the return of a much-loved character. Will it happen?

Fans believe Eddie will return in the final season of Stranger Things


With the announcement of the new title, fans recalled the title of two episodes from Season 4: “The Diver,” which was about Steve diving into the lake to find the portal to the Upside Down; and “The Piggyback”, which referenced Eleven “hitchhiking” in Max’s mind to fight Vecna.

As such, many believe that The Creeper could be Eddie, somehow surviving the attack in the Upside Down to help the citizens of Hawkins fight the villain. In addition, many still believe that the fact that Eddie plays Metallica’s song “Master of Puppets” could be indicative of a possible role in the final season, with him becoming Master of Vecna.

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix


However, so far, the production has not confirmed or denied the character’s return. Likewise, the synopsis for Season 5 has yet to be revealed. The first 4 seasons are available on Netflix.

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