“Stranger Things” returned, and its protagonists spoke with Infobae about the new episodes that are dark and apocalyptic

The actors spoke with TechMarkup about the new reality of their characters and the importance of production.

After a long time of waiting, today is a reality: the fourth season of stranger things It is now available to watch on Netflix. Although yes, it is worth mentioning that it is only its first part and that it will have a second batch of episodes that will arrive until the first of July, precisely, to leave viewers wanting more and with very high expectations.

The fourth season begins with several changes after the tragic events that occurred at the end of the third. For example, Joyce (Winona Ryder) and the family have decided to move out of Hawkins, after taking several losses in the battle of the lab and the mall, including the supposed death of Hopper (David Harbor).

What happened to Hopper after the end of the third season?  (Netflix)
What happened to Hopper after the end of the third season? (Netflix)

Joyce has a new job at home, while Jonathan (charlie heaton), Will (Noah Schnapp) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) have had to adapt to this new somewhat hostile environment, at least for Eleven, who is having bad days due to bullying at her school.

In the previews it has become clear that Will has started to paint and that he is behaving strangely, even without knowing the reason, and that Jonathan is trying to start from scratch, knowing that he is miles away from his great love, Nancy (Natalia Dyer). Precisely, Charlie Heaton, who brings the character to life, talked about this and more in conversation with TechMarkup:

“The family has had to move, and Jonathan has become kind of a father figure, well, not really, but he feels that kind of responsibility to them. So, he’s had to move, he’s had to leave Nancy behind in Hawkins, and that distance is really getting to him. All this has led him to wonder where he is going. I think that, at least in the beginning, he will be in a spiral regarding this situation. But along the way a new friend will appear, a new boy, who will help him a lot. She will have great adventures with him, it will be great.”

Charlie Heaton is Jonathan Byers, Noah Schnapp is Will Byers, and Finn Wolfhard is Mike Wheeler in "Stranger Things."  (Netflix)
Charlie Heaton is Jonathan Byers, Noah Schnapp is Will Byers, and Finn Wolfhard is Mike Wheeler in “Stranger Things.” (Netflix)

Heaton is referring to a new character that viewers will see from the first few minutes: Argyle. Edward Franco he is in charge of interpreting it, and in addition to being a great friend to Jonathan, he will also become a kind of redeemer for the rest of the group, all thanks to his truck, with which he will manage to get them out of various troubles.

“He’s not only Jonathan’s best friend, he’s also like his unofficial therapist. He listens to everything he wants to get off his chest, and sometimes gives him some advice. They are probably not the best, but that’s what he does, “Eduardo said in the same conversation with the media.

The first part of the fourth season has already premiered, and new and terrifying experiences are approaching. (Netflix)

Meanwhile, things are pretty tangled up in Hawkins: it seems that the friendship between Mike (finn wolfhard), Luke (Caleb McLaughlin) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) is going through a moment of tension (and a bit of separation), while Max (Sadie Sink) is still not over his brother’s death and sinks deeper and deeper into dark hallucinations.

Regarding Mike’s new reality, actor Finn Wolfhard revealed that: “He found a new group at school, in which he is accepted. He is excited to be with Eleven, and at the same time, they are going through a love relationship. I think Mike will really do some kind of soul searching without it being too obvious on the show. You will have many great moments that will make you have even better connections with your friends and in your relationships.”

The friends will meet again to face a new battle in "Stranger Things 4".  (Netflix)
The friends will meet again to face a new battle in “Stranger Things 4”. (Netflix)

However, as usual in the series, the young protagonists will not only have to deal with the typical problems of adolescence, but they will also have to face a new enemy in the Other side. And it will not be easy to destroy, as it has the ability to defeat its prey by creating hallucinations and negative thoughts, and then finish them off with its claws. Precisely, this will become the trigger that will reunite the whole group, which will embark on a new mission in the Upside Down.

Now more than ever, these teenagers will have the power, the control and the last word. A fact that has always been applauded by the spectators, and also by the actors. “I think the duffer brothers They are great writers and they are really sensitive people when it comes to understanding the world of young people. I really think the show takes kids seriously, in a great way, it doesn’t detract from any of the young characters, in a lot of ways. In reality, the adults are the idiots and the children are the smart ones. There is something really empowering that many identify with.”

Millie Bobby Brown is Eleven in the series.  (Netflix)
Millie Bobby Brown is Eleven in the series. (Netflix)

The fourth season of stranger things It has already premiered on Netflix, and it is loaded with youthful emotions, suspense and horror.


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