Stranger Things: Millie Bobby Brown talks about Eddie’s possible return

During an interview with the portal ETthe actress Millie Bobby Brownknown for playing Eleven in Stranger ThingsNetflix series, talked about one of the most popular fan theories: that Eddie, played by Joseph Quinn, could return for season 5 of the series.

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According to fans, the possibility is due to the fact that the song chosen by Eddie to attract the bats of the Upside Down was Metallica’s Master of Puppets. In reference to the lyrics, the assumption was created that Eddie could eventually become the Master of Vecna ​​or be possessed by the same, leaving room for the actor’s return in the next season.


Although Millie believes it’s an excellent theory, she doesn’t believe it can happen.

“It’s a drug. Sometimes characters just die anyway and it’s hard to accept. I mean, I loved Billy. I loved Dacre Montgomery and his character died in Season 3. It’s hard, but we have to accept it. I had a great relationship with him and it was hard to say goodbye.”

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Season 4 was made available on Netflix in 2022 and featured the show’s biggest villain so far: the cruel and enigmatic Vecna ​​who, in fact, was friends with Eleven while she participated in the experiments in Hawkins’ lab.

With no official release date yet, Season 5 will bring back characters like Eleven, Dustin, Will, Mike, Steve, Nancy – as well as Max’s future and the answer to whether or not she will survive Vecna’s curse. Meanwhile, all these characters fight to defend Hawkins and the entire country from the curses of the Upside Down.

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New information about upcoming episodes should be revealed soon.

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