Straight into nostalgia: the eMac turned 20

Straight into nostalgia: the eMac turned 20

In the blink of an eye, 20 years have passed. for the eMac and for everyone who has ever used or seen the computer of Manzana that wanted to conquer everyone with its modern and innovative system.

In 2002 the eMac was released, so those who saw it at that time are no longer so young today. Although it may not seem like it, two decades is already saying something. The Apple computer at the time was characterized by being innovative and having an original design. Its ports were located on the side, while the disk reader was under the front screen of the computer.

His arrival surprised everyone, since at that time this version wanted to conquer the schools. He attracted everyone’s attention, although it could only be purchased by schools that they have sufficient resources.

They have now become a valuable item for collectors, who keep the 25 kilos of machine well, concentrated in a huge piece of white plastic that provided a 17-inch CRT screen. This computer was an important part of the transition to Intel architecture.

However, the idea that it was just a computer for schools didn’t quite pan out, and Apple went another route months later to sell another version of the eMac. Three years later (2005) it was withdrawn of the market, but it was not his definitive goodbye.

In 2006 it returned in a last effort to conquer the schools, although it was finally dropped to make way for an economic version of the iMac G5.

It could be said that it was the entry of the iMac that is currently known. In relation to its cost, it is possible that the Mac mini is seen as a more affordable option, in addition, the needs have changed today. Still, those who used an eMac will always remember them fondly.

The next Apple Watch could make calls and messages without coverage

And who would have imagined at the beginning of 2000 that twenty years later there would be the possibility of buying an Apple smart watch that would be able to make calls and messages.

Recently Mark Gurman, a journalist for Bloomberg, said that the Cupertino-based company includes a satellite connectivity feature on your next Smart Watches.

How would the satellite connection work on the Apple Watch

This technology would allow make and receive calls or messages in areas where there is no coverage thanks to orbiting satellites provided, and according to the information handled Until now, by Globalstar Inc.

Gurman, in particular, believes that Apple has been working with this satellite communications company. He also claims that Globalstar’s latest moves could hint at a future release of the aforementioned feature.

“In February, Globalstar said it reached an agreement to buy 17 new satellites to help power ‘continuous satellite services’ for an unnamed ‘prospect’ customer who had paid hundreds of millions of dollars,” the journalist has assured in his bulletin.

This is not the first time you have heard about the satellite connection feature on Apple devices. In August 2021, MingChi Kuo, a well-known analyst, announced that the company was working on this feature for the iPhone 13although it finally failed to reach those models.