Steven Spielberg uses cell phone to record his first music video; see the result

Known and awarded internationally for his productions, director and screenwriter Steven Spielberg earlier this month directed his first clip to announce the song “cannibal“, by British vocalist Marcus Mumford. The project was developed in conjunction with Kate Capshaw, Spielberg’s wife and art director of the clip.

In this work, the director chose to record all the scenes individually from a cell phone chosen by him. In a photograph posted on social media, it is possible to see Steven sitting on a chair and being dragged backwards in order to create the effect of distancing the object being recorded.

The entire work dispensed with state-of-the-art equipment, being registered from a smartphone whose model and brand were not revealed. This feat shows that the camera set has evolved enough to be used in the recording of a music video produced by one of Hollywood’s greatest filmmakers.

Currently, many high-end cell phones have tools that allow recording videos in high resolution — reaching up to 4K, depending on the device — and image stabilization. Some models have specific modes for recording semi-professional videos, enhancing brightness and other elements.

Steven Spielberg sitting recording the music video. (Photo: Reproduction),

The clip is monochrome (black and white), showing the singer’s performance in sequence throughout the track. The content is approximately four minutes long, posted on YouTube. Watch:

Is it an iPhone or not?

Although some portals have claimed that it is an iPhone, the filmmaker did not reveal which smartphone model was used during the recording, saying it was a “cell phone”, but without mentioning brand or model.

A post made on Twitter by Marcus Mumford shows the director recording the video, but it is not possible to see which device is filming. Despite this, the dissemination of videos recorded with iPhones is one of the marketing strategies adopted by Apple to publicize the set of cameras on its devices.

In September 2021, the Cupertino giant promoted a campaign on social media to highlight the quality of Cinema Mode present on the iPhone 13 Series. In addition to the hashtag, the company also released a video in which it shows the technology being applied in practice — watch.

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