Steven Spielberg criticizes streaming for impacting movie premieres

In an interview given to The New York Timesaward-winning director Steven Spielberg and co-founder of DreamWorks took the opportunity to again criticize the behavior of streaming services during the covid-19 pandemic. According to him, digital platform executives took advantage of the fragility of the situation to increase their subscriptions and leave filmmakers behind, impacting the launches of productions in theaters.

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Citing a kind of “sabotage”, Spielberg clarifies that the streamings were good for the older audience who can’t afford to go out to a movie theater, especially at such a delicate time, but suggests that the platforms have destroyed the sense of “magic”. As a result, people did not sit next to “strangers” in crowded rooms and could not attend significant premieres for international filmography, harming executives’ revenue.

“The pandemic has created an opportunity for streaming platforms to increase their subscriptions to record levels and also throw some of my best filmmaker friends under the bus as their films have not been unceremoniously released in theaters,” the director said. “They got paid and the movies were suddenly relegated, in this case, to HBO Max. And then everything started to change.”


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The creator of the Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones franchises suggests that directors have options for release dates in theaters and reinforces the importance of working together with streaming, so that not only is there a chance for feature films to be awarded, but also that you can pay for all the production and studio fees.

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“We want theaters to stay open,” he said. “I found it encouraging that Elvis grossed $100 million at the domestic box office. A lot of older people went to see this movie, and it gave me hope that people were starting to come back to the movies as the pandemic became endemic. I think the movies will come back. I really want.”

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