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Step by step to set up a new iPad

Step by step to set up a new iPad
iPad. (photo: G-Tech)

With the advent of new devices Manzana to authorized stores and dealers, some users may be attracted by some of the features of the iphone either iPad and purchasing one for the first time, so consider how to set it up correctly.

In the specific case of iPadthis process is not complicated because the Interface It’s user-friendly, so first-time buyers of a device like this (who have owned a product before Manzana or not), they will not have many complications at the time of personalize your preferences.

Here are some tips to keep in mind set up properly a iPad for the first time:

iPadOS 16.1.  (photo: iPhone.fr)
iPadOS 16.1. (photo: iPhone.fr)

How to set up an iPad


The beginning of the process of setting it’s no different than many other devices. The system of iPad It will ask you to choose a region, the language in which you want to have the system and then you must set Connection to a network Wifi secure to prevent breaches of security.

Once this first part is ready, the user will be able to configure the FaceID by scanning your face using the camera of the deviceso that unlock functions can be accessed as well as password from Apple.


In addition, you must also configure a Apple IDwhich will be the basis for the synchronization of functions of the different products of the company. the purchases, contactssubscriptions to Applicationsphotos, among other features are linked to this ID.

How to set up an iPad.  (Applesphere)
How to set up an iPad. (Applesphere)

To create an account Apple ID You have two options: the first is to use a mail common and log in with it as you would with any other online service, and the second is to previously create an account with domain “@icloud.com”, so that messages from Manzana remain within the ecosystem created by the devices. Once it has been generated, it cannot be modified, so users should take this into account when creating it.

The personalization additional as the range of colors, display or deciding whether to share data with Manzana to improve the products will depend on the preferences of each Username and can be modified in the future if you wish.

Regarding the Applicationssome will already be pre-loaded within the device, but the vast majority like social networks or platforms working hours must be downloaded from the App Store. Because Apple devices have a capacity of memory limited it is preferable that applications are downloaded as they are needed starting with those that are used most frequently.

How to set up an iPad.  (Applesphere)
How to set up an iPad. (Applesphere)

The next step would be to configure the application mail. For that you must enter the application settings of the device, press the option Email and then in accounts, so that you can add as many as you want. It is recommended that there are not many as it can generate a saturation in the amount of messages that it be received

This configuration also allows synchronization contactsactivity reminders, and notes that may be helpful to users in their new device. As with the Applicationsthe most frequently used emails could be included.

An appropriate option to correctly manage the Applications that are downloaded in iPad What’s new is for users to explore the capabilities of native apps from Manzana because sometimes external platforms are downloaded for familiarity without knowing in depth the details of the device which is used This will prevent the memory runs out fast.

Once these are completed settings basic, users can now make free use of their new iPad and over time the system of the device will adapt to the way of use and the lifestyle of the person.

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