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Step by step in Microsoft Word to avoid losing a document if the program closes

The Windows suite is still one of the most used in the world with programs like microsoft powerpoint, Microsoft Excel or the most usual, Microsoft Word.

In the latter, on certain occasions have unexpected bugs or errors. However, the program provides a series of settings that can be customized to significantly minimize the problem.

Making some changes in the applications of Officeusers will be able to avoid losing the documents they are working on again.

Steps to avoid losing information

First, you have to run the program in the usual way.

Then go to the settings page that Office has to customize the behavior of the text editor. This is achieved by simply going to the menu Archive of the main interface of Word and selecting the input options that will be seen on the screen.

In the left pane of the window, enter Keep.

The first thing to change is the auto save time. This way, if there is a sudden error with the computer or with said program, the data will not be lost because the file has been recently recorded.

But that’s not all, but at the same time a disk path can be specified for backup files to be saved.

This will allow you to locate the corresponding temporary files Immediately in case something goes wrong pc or Word suddenly closes.

How to cut and paste multiple texts or images at once in Microsoft Word

Cut and paste are two of the most repetitive options that people use every day when using Microsoft tools. The Clipboard in Word works the same as in Windows; each time an element is copied it replaces the previous one and only the last copy is available to be pasted.

But in Word there is an option that allows you to cut multiple elements to paste them all at once. It means that you can cut some text or other elements such as images, all of which will be saved in a kind of clipboard to paste it wherever you want.

To store and copy you have to press Ctrl F3while when you want to paste everything you only need press Ctrl Shift F3. Also, everything will be pasted in the exact order they are cut.


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