Steam Deck Dynamic Cloud Sync: a function that we would like to see on all consoles

Valve’s console is expected to release in the coming weeks. The firm is preparing the final touches, such as an ingenious synchronization function.

The Steam Deck portable console

The Steam Deck portable console // Source: Valve

In 2022, the Nintendo Switch will have a small competitor developed by the publisher of Steam, the Valve Steam Deck.

This machine takes up the design that we know with the Switch, but offers a library of PC games and increased performance. Valve intends to begin shipping this hybrid between PC and console this February.

While waiting for the big launch, Valve developers continue to refine the software and unveil a very practical function: Dynamic Cloud Sync.


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Start on PC, resume on Steam Deck

Steam has offered for several years to synchronize the saving of a game for free in the cloud. It’s very convenient to switch from one PC to another. This still has a drawback: if you forget to close the game on a machine, it prevents synchronization of the backup. Dynamic Cloud Sync proposes to correct this point.

Indeed, Valve expects that many Steam Deck users won’t think to close the game when they put the console to sleep. It is also a habit that we have on Switch. With Dynamic Cloud Sync, they can still resume their game without interruption, on another PC or on another Steam Deck. Warning: this function requires developer support. So hopefully Steam games will be updated to support it.

More and more games are available on both console and PC. It’s the kind of synchronization that comes in handy when switching between machines. We would like other manufacturers like Sony to also offer this type of function.


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