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Steam breaks record: it exceeded 30 million users connected at the same time

New Steam record. (photo: gaming fans)

Steam is having good figures this 2022 and has been ratified as the distribution platform par excellence for games of computerAnd the statistics back it up. On Sunday he returned to beat your record for simultaneous attendees (i.e. users who joined the service at the same time) and exceeded 30 million for the first time in its history.


Steam database shows that the peak was at the same time 30,032,005 concurrent. However, it should be noted that not all the people connected at the same time were playing. At the time of registering the new maximum number, part of the list was exhausted from the total number of more than 8.5 million users online.

Not all attendees were playing online


Although it is not specified what the little more than 21.5 million remaining were dedicated to, there are different variants. From browsing the platform, submitting reviews and participating in communities to buying new games and many more options. The truth is that Steam is experiencing a great moment, and the public recognizes it.

Also, the fact that the service has managed to surpass 30 million users for the first time is definitely it. a very longed for brand Valve. The company was on track to achieve this for several months, but always fell short of a few hundred thousand players.


The previous record of users simultaneously connected to Steam the March 31st. It peaked with 29,986,681 participants that day; Although what is really striking is that more active players were registered at that time (8.9 million) than during the all-time high on Sunday.

New Steam record. (photo: LinkAja)
New Steam record. (photo: LinkAja)

The pandemic, the takeoff of Steam to break records

The Steam case is definitely very important to highlight. Although it has already achieved great popularity, its number of simultaneous and active players has skyrocketed during the Covid-19.

The long months of confinement, adding that this situation considerably boosted the sales of computers for virtual classes and remote work they helped Valve’s platform attract even more users.

However, it is striking how it was possible to maintain and even exceed the figures reached during the spread of the coronavirus. For example, in November 2019, the maximum number of participants was 17.1 million. Since the WHO declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020, that number has dropped to just under 20 million.

(photo: El Commerce)
(photo: El Commerce)

Although that’s not all. If you look at the annual numbers, you can see that from October 2021, the number of users connected to Steam at the same time regularly remained above 25 million.

It is not a minor fact if you take into account that PC sales have fallen significantly this year, which has a strong impact on the industry.

Valve’s situation looks good at the moment. Those led by Gabe Newell recently expanded the international availability of the Steam Deck and are already working to bring the handheld console to life for the next generation.

The next version of the Steam Deck could take years to arrive

While many still hope that the international availability of the Steam Deck to try to get one Valve is already thinking about the next generation of its portable console. This is demonstrated by a brochure that the company has released on the occasion of the arrival of the device in Asia; specifically, to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

Valve's brochure for their next generation Steam Deck. (photo: Steamdeck)
Valve’s brochure for their next generation Steam Deck. (photo: Steamdeck)

Now, that Valve is already thinking about a next generation of the Steam Deck does not mean that the hypothetical plans to launch it are immediate.

So don’t get excited about seeing a “Steam Deck 2” or a “Steam Deck Pro” in the next few months. Before that happens, Americans must resolve equipment availability limitationswhich is now available in a very small handful of markets.

Undoubtedly, a litmus test for the console will be its launch in Japan, one of the markets gamer by excellence. It won’t be easy, of course, especially given the tremendous reach of PlayStation Y Nintendobut the Asian expansion plays a key role for the future of the device.

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