Starting in 2023, Fitbit devices will require a Google account

The acquisition of Fitbit by Google is over, the first visible sign that it is officially over Fitbit by Google the brand runs under the name The second, more spectacular change will come next year, as from 2023, newly activated Fitbit smart devices will not have to be activated with a Fitbit user account, but with a Google account. Information about this was published on the Fitbit website, according to which those who are currently Fitbit users can continue to use the services and devices, but within a year, the use of new hardware and new software services will require registration with a Google account.



From 2023, the data of existing Fitbit accounts can be connected to the Google account, but those who do not want to do this can postpone the inevitable until 2025. According to the official information, Fitbit will provide a much more convenient and better user experience with the Google account, and those who are worried about their health data can be reassured that as part of the acquisition, Google has been obliged to ensure that Fitbit’s database cannot be used by Google Ads to, according to his claim, the company adheres to this.

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