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Starlink launches its premium offer which is very bad for the wallet

Starlink premium offer
Credits: SpaceX

Tired of the too low prices of the satellite constellation? SpaceX now offers a Starlink premium offer, including a larger and more powerful antenna, guaranteed throughput, and connection from the second trimester. But at 500 dollars per month, the offer is not really aimed at a service to individuals…

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The top of the range should not disappoint!

Take out the checkbooks (or not), Starlink goes premium

SpaceX continues to adapt its offers for Starlink. After a change of antenna planned for its “classic” service, in operation in 25 countries and with around 150,000 users (January figures), SpaceX has unveiled a “premium” option which stands out strongly.

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First, it will offer a much larger antenna, which according to the SpaceX site ” doubles capacity by offering better upload and download speeds, especially for businesses. This change of material results in an additional charge when subscribing: count 2,500 dollars for the premium antenna (compared to 500 dollars for the classic model).

In terms of speeds, SpaceX promises much better reception, especially in extreme weather conditions, with data between 150 and 500 Mb/s and latency between 20 and 40 ms… Which Starlink already promises with its cheapest offer (for 50 to 150 Mb/s throughput). The subscription meanwhile is also multiplied by five, announced at the rate of 500 dollars per month.

Business is business

The company has been offering this new offer since Tuesday, promising delivery and commissioning in the second quarter of 2022. Clearly, it is not aimed at individuals, even isolated ones, but at companies that have great needs in areas where connections are restricted.

The premium option may also be of interest to groups, such as hotels, residences and office buildings, some of which have already experienced Starlink in shared use and have found themselves constrained by the capacities of their equipment. If the premium segment finds its customers (even if it means prioritizing their connection vis-à-vis other users in the event of congestion), this will be a faster way to access the profitability of the constellation, which today costs a lot more expensive to SpaceX than it brings in.

Next shot tonight!

As for the constellation itself, the deployment continues. After two launches in January of “clusters” of 49 satellites each, SpaceX continues at a high pace to set up its hundreds of units.

A new batch is expected to take off this February 3, with several more expected before the end of the month. Enough to provide premium service?

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What do you think about the Starlink premium offer ? Let us know in the comments.

Source: CNBC

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