Stark Kettlebell : This app gives you a six-pack for Christmas!

“Stark Kettlebell” is a fitness app for Android that offers Girevoy exercises. With these, you can optimize your training with a kettlebell or a “kettlebell”. The app offers training plans for this and helps you carry out the exercises. The app is currently free in the Google Play Store, while it costs 4.99 euros otherwise.

  • Promotion for Stark Kettlebell expires in 7 days.
  • The app contains neither advertising nor in-app purchases.
  • Stark Kettlebell has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 with 526 reviews and 5000+ downloads.


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If you stuffed yourselves with discounts during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday thanks to our selection of bargains or, like me, haven’t set foot in a gym in years, Stark Kettlebell is a temporarily free app to get you back in shape!

  • Download the free Stark Kettlebell app from the Google Play Store.

Is it worth downloading Stark Kettlebell?

Okay, in addition to fitness apps, of course, you first have to have a kettlebell at home. But I am sure that you can easily order them from Amazon. Would you like an item on sale? (Just kidding, of course, nobody wants to buy items anymore!)

Like any other sports app that you can find in the Play Store, Stark Kettlebell offers a range of exercises in different levels of difficulty (easy, medium, difficult). You can do this with your kettlebell or kettlebell.

Each exercise is illustrated with animation so that you can understand the movements to be performed well. You can then create your own sessions with different exercises at personalized intervals. Incidentally, the app offers the option of dragging and dropping exercises directly into the training area to make it easier to add them to your training session. I find this feature pretty intuitive and practical!


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Only a few weeks left to flex your Apollo body over the holidays! / © NextPit.

You can also filter the various suggested exercises according to body regions or muscles that you want to train. This is done using a 3D model of a human body on which you have to touch the relevant area in order to apply the filter. This is also a design element that I think is nice.

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