“Never say Never”acknowledged Mark Hamill in a recent interview for CBS Sunday Morning regarding the possibility of playing Luke Skywalker again in the series or movies that Disney is preparing for Star Warsbut the interpreter who made Luke one of the most iconic characters in cinema history, thanks to the trilogy of George Lucas started in 1977, thinks that the new stories that are yet to be told and to come do not require your presence.

“I had my moment, and that’s good, but enough is enough”replied Hamill and, although he did not close the doors completely, he assured that, in terms of retaking the role, be it in his old age or in a rejuvenated version, “I don’t see any reason to. Let me put it this way: they have so many stories to tell that they don’t need Luke anymore.“.

Said in this way, his appearances, in the rejuvenated version using CGI and DeepFake technologyand that we could see at the peak of the final episode of the second season of The Mandalorianor his return in the sixth episode of the first of Boba Fett’s book (and recalling his sequences with Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back, but this time with Luke as Jedi Master and Grogu as Padawan); and in those of Mark Hamill with his realest age in the last jedi, it would be the last we would have seen of him and his most emblematic character.

On the immediate horizon of that very distant galaxy, series such as Ahsoka, Skeleton Crew either The Acolytealso restarting films for the big screen in projects that are being announced, and changing, overnight. But there will be more feature films.

However, Hamill and Luke, no matter how many series and movies are made, will always remain in the collective memory of the universe. Star Wars and the cinema. “The truth is that I never expected to be remembered for anything. I just wanted to make a living doing what I liked. And I thought ‘well, it could have been worse. I could, for example, have been known as the best actor to have played Adolf Hitler. At least Luke is an admirable fellow!”Hamill concluded in his assessment that, not even a week ago, he also gave his approval for another younger interpreter to play a younger Luke if Lucasfilm and Disney decided to continue in the future with more adventures of the character.

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