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‘Star Wars’ in the footsteps of Bond, in terms of release strategy, a film every 3 or 4 years

'Star Wars' in the footsteps of Bond, in terms of release strategy, a film every 3 or 4 years

release a movie Star Wars every year until the public gets tired. Those responsible for Lucasfilm, after its acquisition by Disney, They were promised very happy with this idea at the April 2015 CinemaCon convention with the future of that galaxy far, far away. It lasted five years, from The Force Awakens until the rise of skywalker in 2019. A strategy, that of opening each year, weighed down by the great division among the fans that caused the last jedi (2017), the commercial prick of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) and a culmination of the new trilogy with the rise of skywalker which, despite its blockbuster, failed to convince.

But… the galactic universe devised by George Lucas regained new strength thanks to the (unexpected) success of the series The Mandalorian on Disney+ and, more recently, to the good reception of Andor. So it is not surprising, taking advantage of the World “Star Wars” Dayon May 4, that Lucasfilm has been encouraged to announce news about its plan to continue with more stories in film format and to be released in theaters.

kathleen kennedy, the president of the studios, has explained that, in terms of release policy, the model they now want to follow is that of the James Bond saga films. A movie every three or four years. “I often quote Bond”Kennedy recounted in an interview for Empire Magazine. “That’s (releasing) every three or four years and without the pressure of having to do it every year. I think this is very important for ‘Star Wars.’ We have to make it an event.”

And, considering that when it comes to movies, Star Wars It has been more news due to project cancellations Because of the announcements of the next films to hit the big screen, Kennedy also updates us on what might be in store for us, perhaps, what would be the next new star feature film. “We’re going to explore the evolution of the Jedi. We have looked at the past, also at the present, and now we are going to move 15 years after the events of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’. The First Order has fallen, the Jedi are in chaos (and here’s another question about how many more still exist), and Rey is creating a New Jedi Order, based on the teachings Luke taught her.”.

The director who could bring us back to Daisy Ridley as King could be Taika Waititi. Recalling information from Deadline, at the moment the New Zealand director is busy promoting The worst team in the worldhas also set as his next project the adaptation of Clara and the Sunthe bestseller of Kazuo Ishigurobut most likely he would get down to business with Star Wars already in 2024.

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