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Spotify prepares the world premiere of the podcast Batman Unearthed in alliance with DC

Spotify has prepared a new podcast that will make its listeners feel in Gotham city. It’s about the original audio series, Batman Unbuilt that in Latin America will be called batman unearthed and that is close to its premiere.


This April 5, Spotify, Warnes Bros and DC announced that the official premiere will be next May 3. The association of these brands will take advantage of the extensive library of iconic dc characters in new podcasts to unite fans of BruceWayne in a new experience.

The streaming platform said in a statement that the premiere will be worldwide and that the story will be adapted from the original US script to Latin America, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy and Japan, which makes it Spotify’s largest simultaneous release to date.


Each of the nine versions mentioned will feature their own voice actors and production teams. they will be located and adapted independently to reflect the culture and language of the place, while staying true to the original story.

“Through our extraordinary alliance with Warner Bros. and DC, we have the unique opportunity to mark ushering in a new era of beloved DC superheroes across the world of audio, with voices from multi-star casts. The power of podcasts has never been more apparent than with the chilling soundscape of this david goyer masterpiece which tells the momentous story of the one and only Bruce Wayne,” Dawn Ostroff, Spotify’s Chief Content & Advertising Business Officer, said in a statement.


David S. Goyer is the creator of Batman Unearthed. For those who don’t remember, he has been the mastermind behind iconic superhero movies like Batman Begins and Man of Steel, this time he is the executive producer of the American audio series. Hari Sama will be the director of the project set in Gotham City.

Production is currently underway in all regions where it will be released. The voice cast for the US version will be as follows:

-Winston Duke as Batman/Bruce Wayne


-Hasan Minhaj as The Riddler

– Gina Rodriguez as Barbara Gordon

-Jason Isaacs as alfred

– Lance Reddick like Thomas Wayne.

Similarly, the Mexican cast will have:

-Alfonso Herrera as Batman/Bruno Diaz

– Carlos Aragon as alfred

– Ana Brenda Contreras as Barbara Gordon

– Zuria Vega as kell

-Alfonso Borbolla as The Riddler

– Hernan Mendoza as Thomas Wayne

According to Peter Girardi, Executive Vice President of Alternative Programming at Warner Bros. Animation, the performance of the cast has managed to capture the dark essence of David Goyer’s work, “taking the narrative podcast to new levels” of immersion. “I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off our creative partnership with Spotify,” she said.

Batman Unburied (Batman Unburied) is a psychological thriller that will take his listeners to new spaces of the mind of the man behind the mask. this time Bruce Wayne is introduced as a forensic pathologist who works at Gotham City Hospital. and has the task of examining the victims of The Harvester, a serial killer that takes advantage of citizens. The superhero will not only be forced to face his own mental demons, but he will also have to defeat them to save the inhabitants of Gotham City as his Batman alter ego.

Batman is one of the most interesting characters in the history of comics and the DC universe. Giving a voice to this complex superhero and from the hand of great allies such as Fábula, Spotify, Warner Bros., DC and Hari Sama is a great challenge and at the same time a great opportunity to work with great fellow actors reinterpreting this story and creating something very ours. It is an invitation to the public to immerse themselves in this sound universe of Gotham City” highlighted Alfonso Herrera.

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